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Super Bowl Half-Time Performers


2/4/2012 1:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0203_super_bowl_half_time_launchWhile the anticipation of Madonna's half-time show at Super Bowl XLVI builds, take a mystical trip back in time and see who has also scored on this famous stage on the 50-yard line.


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Who's The Doorman
On The Bottom Right?

959 days ago


Look At

959 days ago


Thanks Phantom for posting the link to MJ's halftime show. It was amazing how he involved not just him and his entourage in the show but the whole stadium in the show.

959 days ago


That was great Phantom..that was a phenomenal performance

959 days ago


I can't remember a halftime show that hasn't sucked. They have had some good acts, but when they get in that venue, they always seems to stink up the joint. That and they always seem to go on for far too long.

I'm pretty much at the point of asking for a good marching band with an equally good flag team.

Couldn't be any worse.

959 days ago


King MJ does it again. I've seen this performance so many time and smile all the way through it! No wonder it was the highest rated performance

959 days ago


Does anyone notice this super bowl is gay then ever. And its not just Madonna the players are getting involved. http://markatlarge.com/super-bowl-2012-goes-gay/

959 days ago


OhWell: 3 hours ago
Look At
I bet you want to kiss MJ's lips. Muah!

959 days ago


Smile..thank you for posting the handwritten lyrics ..I love that song :))

959 days ago


Last year's "performance" by the Black Eyed Peas was without a doubt the worst of all time. Off key, talentless posers that had no idea what to do on stage. It was embarrassingly awful. Any performer including Madonna will have no problem being a better halftime act than those studio band hacks.

959 days ago


Thanks for posting that video Smile. The handwritten lyrics and the beautiful pictures of Michael.

958 days ago


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958 days ago
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