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Bow Wow

Georgia Judge Orders

Him to Be Arrested on Sight

2/5/2012 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bow Wow
Bow Wow has avoided a civil lawsuit for long enough -- and now a judge in Georgia has ordered he be arrested and held in custody until produces documents and information to the other side.

Bow Wow was ordered by a Tennessee court back in 2009 to pay almost $100,000 to a tour bus company for allegedly not paying his bill. The company then took the case to Georgia to try and get the court where Bow Wow lives to enforce the judgment.

He was ordered to produce documents in his home state regarding the lawsuit, which he never did. As a result, the tour company filed a motion to have the rapper held in contempt.

Finally back in October, the judge granted the motion and ordered Bow Wow be arrested and held until he produces the necessary documents the tour bus company asked for.

Bow Wow has not been taken into custody so far, or responded to the lawsuit. 

Calls to Bow Wow's reps were not returned.


No Avatar

get a life ho    

a rapper not paying his bills ? wow

slow news day TMZ ?

991 days ago


Man he don't wanna pay no $100 GRAND to no tour bus company! That would probably take every dollar he has left to pay, and how is he supposed to run around acting like a "baller" without a wad of cash in his pocket he can pull out and try to make people is some big drug-dealing "baller", like they all try to do. Lives in a mansion and pretend they are so "hard" - It's HILARIOUS!

991 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Has Bow Wow had anything close to resembling a hit in the last few years? If not, then this dude is stone broke and living off of a gig here or there, a few buck from an appearance somewhere, and by selling things he bought when he was flush with cash. Throw this idiots carcass in jail and keep it there until he pays up, otherwise an honest businessman will lose a hundred thousand dollars.
WHo knows, maybe I'm totally wrong, and he's had a vast string of big hits. Nahhhhh.

991 days ago


Bow Wow??? Another D-lister not paying his bills? Why would anyone extend that much credit to anyone named Bow Wow?

991 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

yippi yo yeppy a,little creep

991 days ago

There's a problem here    

He should be put in jail for the name "Bow Wow" alone. Little Bow Wow, all growed up.

991 days ago


If the judge's order was in OCTOBER why is this news in FEBRUARY?

991 days ago


Who in the hell is Bow Wow? Never heard of the dude.


991 days ago


He should have kept the name Little Bow Wow. I like that better. Why are these rappers always changing their names?

991 days ago

Shane D.    

you're a miserable racist pig. What's wrong? Why are you unhappy with life?

991 days ago

Jake Allen    


991 days ago

bye pobre    

que pena,entonces no eres riquiiiiisiiiimooooo.
bueno, pues adios.

991 days ago


This serves him right, him and his team including "Rico da Crook" have scammed artists who have done animation and video for him in the past out of lots of time and money. They're crooked

991 days ago


Bow Wow has been given a chance to comply and he has not so his little ass should go to jail. If it was one of us who ignored our responsibility to pay someone we would have been in jail a long time ago.

991 days ago


Yo, lil brotha must realize now what he's up against.
You can't be trustin' certain entities.

991 days ago
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