Bow Wow Once, Twice ... Three Times a Tax Lien

1/29/2012 7:15 AM PST

Bow Wow -- Once, Twice, Three Times a Tax Lien

Bow Wow needs to hire himself a new accountant -- because not only does he have a tax lien against him for unpaid taxes from 2006 ... but now it turns out he owes back taxes from 2008 and 2010 as well!

As TMZ first reported, a tax lien in Florida for the year 2006 put Bow Wow on the hook for $91,105.61. The lien has still not been paid off.

Now a new lien was filed on January 9, this time in Georgia, saying Bow Wow owes $15, 279.62 for unpaid taxes from 2008 and another $19.700.91 for 2010.

Put it all together ... and you've got $126,086.14.

Calls to Bow Wow's rep were not returned.