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Justin Bieber's Bodyguard

Unleashes Fist of Fury

on Photog

2/7/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Justin Bieber's bodyguard put down an over-agressive photog with one serious haymaker at LAX Monday afternoon ... and the whole melee was caught on tape.

TMZ obtained video of the altercation between the Bieb's protector and the paparazzo -- not one of our guys -- and when the clip begins the bodyguard already has the pap in a headlock.

After several moments of grappling, the photog breaks free to square off with the bodyguard -- BIG mistake ... 'cause that's when the bodyguard uncorks a straight right to the photog's face.

As TMZ first reported, according to Bieber's camp the altercation began when the pap jumped in front of Bieb's SUV and refused to stop snapping pics.

The pap was arrested and booked for felony assault with a deadly weapon. Police believe the fight started when he used his camera to hit the bodyguard.


The bodyguard's battle scars are pretty clear in the photos from the scene.


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Mike L    

The bodyguard needs to be arrested. He overstepped his bounds. I used to do bodyguard work for a living in NYC. The Pap was no threat. Its not like this guy can claim self defense. He assaulted the photographer, period. The pap needs to press charges.

991 days ago

pap in LA    

This person is not a photographer, I'm a pap and I've never seen this person before. this is not how we work. the person filming is a pap and you can hear him say he's not with us.

991 days ago

Tigers Wood    

In the earlier TMZ post it said a former Israelite soldier knocked a photog out with one punch. This former Israelite soldier looked out of shape and I did not see the photog take a swing at the former Israelite soldier, but the former Israelite soldier took a wild miss at the photog. In the end the photo of former Israelite soldier looks all scraped up by the beating of the over weight photog.

991 days ago

Fat Mike    

What knockout punch? I didn't see anyone knocked out.

991 days ago


Knockout punch? I saw NOBODY get knocked out...stupid TMZ

991 days ago


The other article says the bodyguard knockedthe pap out with 1 punch... Not only did he not knock the guy out, he didn't even land the punch fully. It clipped him at most.

991 days ago


I think the bodyguard overstepped his bounds. The guy threw him aside after he finally got him off his back after choking him out for a couple minutes then punched him before the cop shows up. I think the body guard should have been arrested if anything there.

991 days ago


tmz needs to learn the definition of "haymaker" and "knock out"

991 days ago


I have to laugh at the photographer when he said "he shoved me first" Maybe when Justins bodyguard told you to move out of the way when he was standing in front of the car, he should have listened!! This idiot is a loser! Even the guy filming this was telling the guy to give it up, and saying the photgrapher is in trouble!! So @Mike L, I dont know what the hhell u are smokin, but get it through your thick skull, this is Justin Biebers bodyguard, not Justin himself, since it seems that you just have something against Justin Bieber, so your mind is a little foggy!!

991 days ago


You call that a "knockout punch"?? The guy didn't even fall to the ground. In fact it looked like he shook it off relatively pretty quick.

991 days ago


Sounds like a lot of drama over nothing. Too bad Biebs fame is starting to wane, nobody really cares about this.

991 days ago


I have to laugh at these people saying its the bodyguards fault, when other paparazzi that were there were saying it was the photographers fault!! We didnt get to see it from the beginning, so we really cant say much!! And of course TMZ over dramatized the situation with their first post about this.. It was basically just a scuffle.. And there had to be witnesses to this incident if the photgrapher was the only one arrested and being charged! And please dont say its because he is Justin Biebers bodyguard, thats why hes getting away with it.. We know darn well, the bodyguards of celebrities dont get special treatment! So calm down Justin Bieber haters, its his bodyguard that got in a scuffle,, Your hate for JB has nothing to do with this situation!

991 days ago


1.) No one was ko'd
2.) The security team sure didn't get the guy under control, thus the later shove and punch. What if he had a gun?
3.) They need to practice their arm lock, wrist restraint technique.

991 days ago


biebs needs a new bodyguard.

991 days ago


Wow, I must have missed something here. 2 guys beating up 1 guy....just as the cop comes up one of the 2 guys pops the 1 guy and the 1 guy gets arrested? Charged with assault with a deadly weapon? What was the weapon? Why isn't defending yourself against 2 people beating you up legal?

991 days ago
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