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L.A. Dodgers Star

Frantic 911 Call

'He Woke Up, SLAMMED on Gas"

2/7/2012 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woozy L.A. Dodgers first baseman James Loney smashed into several cars on an L.A. freeway last November ... before waking up, trying to flee the scene ... and crashing again -- this according to a newly released 911 tape.

The caller -- who owns one of the cars Loney hit in his silver Maserati -- describes the entire incident in suspenseful detail ... WHILE IT'S HAPPENING.

When the person on the phone makes the call, she says Loney is "'completely passed out in the front seat" after colliding with several cars -- but Loney wakes up before she ends the call, and tries to take off.

The caller freaks out -- screaming, "Oh my god! Oh my god! He tried to leave the scene ... He woke up, and he slammed on the gas and took off across all the lanes on the freeway."

The caller says Loney quickly hit another car and ended up on the other side of the highway with a broken axle. You gotta hear the clip.

As we first reported, cops handcuffed Loney on the scene and transported him to a nearby hospital for evaluation, where he was later arrested on suspicion of DUI. Cops say they obtained a blood sample to test for drugs -- but it came back negative.

The L.A. City Attorney has since rejected the case due to insufficient evidence. Loney's rep had no comment.

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The cops and the DA have gotta be corrupt and "on the take" if this freakin baseball player gets away with this.

I suspect the blood sample will go missing now. Ooops. If they did manage to have some blood left over, I think it would behoove the LA blood tester people to test for a whole bunch of drugs.

This idiot might have been on some crazy ****tail of prescription drugs. Maybe sleeping pills like Tiger was on when he wrecked his car a few years ago. He might have been on oxycontin and xanex or who knows what.

Clearly, this guy needs to do some JAIL TIME ... like 5 years with no "get out of jail free cards" because of overcrowding.

Who cares if it hurts the Dodgers baseball season. I'm sure he's going to be sued like crazy too, so he better set aside a bunch of money to write some big checks with.

957 days ago


"Insufficient evidence"

Working man will never get that break...

957 days ago


He's got deep, deep pockets!!

I hate lawyers but if he ran into one of my cars...he'd be hearing from my lawyer.

957 days ago


All the people in the cars he hit will aim the lawsuits at this guy. Why are son many of these guys worthless POS??

957 days ago


That's a joke...lack of evidence. He'll be screwed anyway because of the civil lawsuits that are going to follow. What an idiot!!! Show's that money can buy justice...time and again. This country is so far in the stink hole!

957 days ago


Why are the people in LA screaming at the top of their lungs for justice there? The system is so corrupt!

957 days ago


Dismissed for insufficient evidence? wtf?

956 days ago


More like follow the blood trail. My bet the blood samples do not match. Someone was watching out for James. Bought his way with a e-ticket.

956 days ago


This is B*llsh*t!!!! Any average Joe would of done time for this.

956 days ago


What a load of BS, clearly someone got a nice payoff. I hope the people in the cars he hit sues his a$$ off and he goes to jail ... like anyone else would in this country.

942 days ago
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