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This Strip Club Needs a Carpet


2/8/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ne-Yo makes it RAIN at a strip clubNe-Yo went on a redecorating mission last weekend at an Atlanta strip club -- dropping so much money on naked booty-shakers ... he literally covered the floor with singles ... and TMZ has obtained the pics.

Ne-Yo hit up the strip club on Saturday night with his fiancee/baby mama -- the one in leopard print -- and sources tell us, he rained down between $3,000-$5,000 in ones.

We're told he didn't drink a drop of alcohol either -- keeping mostly to himself in the VIP room for two hours between midnight and 2AM.

Just enough time to take over the entire club.


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I am so over this... ghetto ass and his money.. they will never get respect.. I do not care how much money he has...

989 days ago




Reyna38: 10 hours ago

jesus crist...... why do all black people act like this when they have money they cant keep and ****en job, or keep there kids fed or pay rent cus they are always getting evicted left and right.. but they always have money to throw on a hoe............or they are always on welfare..... dont be bad cus it is all true. they are always talking crap about the people bringing them down. but it is not the people it is all of them who bring them selves down.... Ignorant ass fools..

I'll answer that when you tell me why people think that all black people are on welfare when in fact if you've ever been to a welfare office or work there and I do. It's Jewish people that receive over 50 % of the welfare in this country.

And I would like to know what ghetto is Neyo from and where is the ghetto exactly.

989 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

Ok he went to a strip club and spent 5000, I understand thats a lot of money to us but thats nothing to him so no people he wont go broke off this one time...also hes not a rapper and im sure while you guys are on here talkin **** about black men in strip clubs your husbands are in the back room getting head but some stripper.

989 days ago


So this is how Black men treat women. How sad.... But if women let this happen, I don't feel sorry for them.

989 days ago


Such racist comments. How do you live with yourself everyday with your racist thoughts and idealogy. Every one has to see their maker and be accountable for all their actions whether you believe in God or not when the time comes. We are all made in Gods image. How are you going to explain to our creator your racist views. What explanation will you give? If the dead could talk they will tell the living many things.

989 days ago


hey *******s he is not a rapper he is a singer. no different from white who sleep with other people men. and get big ass boob jobs bigger than their head...

988 days ago

reality check    

Im a blackman...but this looks like another dumb ***** who aint tryna get wealthy !!!wasting money whats wrong with my people ..we need to think about what we do with money...this is why we cant rise up as blackmen...we do dumb **** like this thats why I call hi a dumb ***** !!

988 days ago


For one he is doing what any man black, white, Latino, Asian, rich, middle class or poor will do. He is just spending more money or less than some. For two so what she is a stripper. Not all. Strippers are whores, I was once a stripper and it was too get they school and provide for my children while I bartended and waitressed on the side. People are so busy worrying about color and what they so this is why American's are struggling because they cut down and hurt vs help and uplift each other. He looks like a arse wo what that's his business because that's his money we are the arse's who pay for his music. He is human so is that woman and nobody knows hee story. Sheeesh judgmental people.

988 days ago


I work in the music industry, yet I will never promote an artist who acts like this. These people are not serious about what they do, therefore, their public image doesn't matter to them. This is part of what's wrong with the industry. Either you're a talentless shock rocker, or some idiot rap artists that is wearing clothes that don't fit and acting all gangsta. Enough already.

988 days ago


WOW! There must be 60...65 dollars in cash there. Impressive.

988 days ago


He's an r&b singer/producer, NOT a rapper. Get to know your subject matter before you post a comment. Otherwise, you look like a real douche bag.

988 days ago


Enough is enough with the racial hatred expressed by demeaning a whole ethnicity of people with the complex history that blacks have had in the Western world based on the photo of ONE person. Blacks don't own the media. They don't own TMZ, CNN, MSNBC and thus cannot filter what photos are promoted and what news is mainstream. The images you see are what is promoted by NON-african american executives. Look at history and the images portrayed by Blacks. It's 2012 and you have a movie named "The help" and a reincarnation of a Hattie McDaniel (albeit prettier) but still another demeaning image of blacks in media. Please, PLEASE don't fool yourself and your conscience by thinking that Blacks have the power to portray themselves in anything than what you see. The one station we had (BET) is now owned by Viacom and run by non-African American executives built on a model produced in the 80s when black "feel good" images were not popular. At the end of the day, we are only what America made us. Looks like the holocaust is slowly working. Don't pretend that you don't know what is going on with biotechnology and institutionalized racism. I hope the truth finally comes out and blacks really wake up to understand how sexuality has been used to shame us for centuries and how your degrading constant themes in corporate america, commercials and other media are finally being revealed. Too many blacks got homes, and don't lie tea partiers about sabotaging the sale of those you find undesirable. And for the blacks who participate in religious bullying, hell waits on you (on your own hippocratic terms)

988 days ago


Thats why black people always talking about we broke or dont have nothing because of stupid people like this idiot. Im black and I wouldnt dare do some stupid like that. I guess he trying to cover up for his gay tendacies he has and hes not ready to come out the closet yet.

987 days ago



987 days ago
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