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Bobby Brown

"Crying Fits" Over Whitney

But Trying to Perform Concert

2/11/2012 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown is distraught and in and out of crying fits
Bobby Brown is distraught and "in and out of crying fits" ... after getting the news that Whitney Houston is dead -- but his New Edition band mates are by his side trying to console him.

New Edition has a concert tonight in Mississippi -- and believe it or not sources close to the group tell TMZ ... not only will New Edition go on as scheduled, but as of now Bobby is also planning to perform.

We're told Bobby is going to try to get through the entire show.

Bobby and Whitney had an infamously tumultuous 15 year marriage.

We're told Bobby started the show by addressing the crowd, pointing to the sky, and saying, "I love you."


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Too little, too late, Bobby The biggest mistake she ever made was hooking up with that guy. Codependency is as addictive as drugs. He fed off her and her money, she fed off him. And now she's gone. He'll have to live with that.
RIP, Whitney.

952 days ago

terri bryner    

why cry now.. if only you kept your hands to yourself.. you stressed her out, thats why she turned to drugs..its all your fault that we lost our fav..i hope your not going to show at the grammy' can youlive with yourself.. i hope you dont beat your daughter like you did with her mother.. god bless your soul.. karma is a bitch

952 days ago


First, it's not the "Brown-Houston" family. It's the Houston family who expelled the Brown part.

Second, he is ALL out of order in his tiny little world with priorities. He should NOT have been performing, but rather on his private plane IMMEDIATELY heading to LA to be with his daughter... but on the way, he should have been MANNING THE F UP so he would be support to his daughter and not a needy, sniveling jerk. Instead, he chose to perform? really? While his daughter is in a world of sudden pain? really?

3. If Whitney's mom is "hysterical" and Dionne is "unconsolable" as TMZ is reporting, who is tending to Bobbi Kristina? SHE is the one who should be focused on right now. 18 is a tender age at which to suddenly lose a parent.

4. The next word of print devoted to this A-HOLE had damn well better be that he is at his daughter's side and got there as IMMEDIATELY as his minions could get him to the airport.

952 days ago

terri bryner    

I do blame Bobby some.. if he would of kept his hands to himself i feel she wouldnt of been so stressed out and turn to drugs.. i hope he dont beat his daughter like he did with her mother.. what a shame.. so why cry now Bobby... karma is a bitch... so yes i do blame Bobby for the most part.. he should of been a loving husband and supported her.. not get her hooked on drugs.. i hope hes not at the grammy's.. he dont deserve to be there...

952 days ago


He still does his "concert" even though he knew that Whitney was dead!! Come on Bobby show some consideration. You are one cold person!!! Its your fault that she is DEAD you bastard!! Don't give us your fake tears, jerk!!!! I hate you!!

952 days ago


Hold on so people are blaming Bobby Brown for choices a grown woman made on her own. Also wasn't it reported years ago that her usage started before she met him? I mean come on people get a grip...if you chose to drink.

952 days ago


I wish Whitney had never met Bobby Brown. R.I.P. Whitney. Your friend Michael will be there at Heaven's gate to meet you.

952 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Crying fits, I'll give him something to whine about. Any normal man would just bug out to be with his daughter and family. They could just put some gold chains and a warm up suit on a janitor and have him dance around in his place for one night. A loser all the way this guy is. Just like that other rapper who beats his women, the Rhianna guy, my brain won't store his name he's so low. Oh yea, another BROWN, CHRIS BROWN, in fact they're probably related somehow. Woman beating rapper thugs. I can't believe this 'fad' has even lasted this long to make these deadbeats rich. They shame the great black artists of America's past.

952 days ago


He has no heart to be at his concert while Whitney is DEAD. Thank you Bobby, your career was done when you left New Edition, you made only one album and then you when on your mission to destroy Whitney Houston's music career. She was a gospel singer before she met the devil. You, Bobby have NO right to "cry". This is your fault. Also daddy for not letting her marry Eddie Murphy; at least she would not be with a drug user!!!
Rest In Peace Whitney! God needed a beautiful voice and He got it!

952 days ago


Why didn't he point to the sky and say "I am so sorry"

952 days ago


All of you are full of it! She was a grown woman with her own choices in what she decided to do in her life!!! Don't blame anyone else, except her for the path she took... It's sad she couldn't control her demons in her life. We all have choices in life...

952 days ago


You people are insane for thinking Bobby got Whitney hooked on drugs. Let it be known Whitney did drugs before and after Bobby Brown. Bobby got clean while Whitney still partied hard and drove around with Brandy's little brother

952 days ago


You people are all idiots. Yeah, Whitney was a poor innocent victim, who only did drugs because Bobby Brown forced her to. Damn, society has become as ridiculous as the reality TV it watches. Grow up you morons, last week you woulda' called this woman a crack head if it felt right, so get off of your phony ass know it all "self pity" thrones.

952 days ago

Cigar Mann    

Anyone claiming that Bobby Brown is the cause of Whitneys death is a F_ckin Retard!!! Whitney was a grown ass woman you idiots. She was a drug addict before she met Bobby. Bobby didnt introduce her to drugs!!! Of course he is going to cry, they loved each other, *******s!! I cant believe how ignorant you guys are for falling for TMZ's bull ****. All of you are a bunch of ignorant uneducated *******s. Get a damn life. This is a great lost and you sit back and blame someone else as if you know either of them. Damn retards!!!

952 days ago


He helped take her to her deathbed. He was her drug side kick for years.

He should be ashamed of himself and turn from the drugs. Now he will play on her death with the "poor me" bit but it won't bother him enough to stop the drugs.

He and the drugs had a death grip on her and although she chose that path too, he did not have to choose enabling and being her drug partner.

952 days ago
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