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Katy & Russell

No Prenup, No Regrets

2/11/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry and Russell Brand never entertained the idea of signing a prenup
Katy Perry
and Russell Brand never entertained the idea of signing a prenup -- and if they could do it all over again ... they wouldn't have changed a thing, sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

According to sources, Katy and Russell's marriage happened so fast, they never really had the opportunity to summon their lawyers and hash out a prenup ... nor did either really believe they needed one.

We’re told both felt comfortable one wouldn’t screw the other in the event of a divorce -- they both knew where the other person stood on money, life, religion ... everything.

TMZ broke the story ... Russell refused to accept $20 million of Katy's money he was entitled to as part of the divorce -- exactly half the money she made during the course of their marriage.

Sources tell us, Russell was never a materialistic person and never spent much -- he never got into entertainment for the money.

As one source put it, "Russell is a very simple person who doesn’t need much to make him happy."

The source adds, “He would never take money that [Katy] earned. That’s not Russell. And if it was the other way around, Katy wouldn’t have taken it either. They respect each other too much."

Where is Hollywood and what have you done with it?!?!


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Jim in Cali    

Can you say Hollywood "arranged" marriage?

Neither of these two ever loved each other, married just for fame thinking it would boost their popularity but it flopped horribly.

987 days ago


Well, nice to see I'm one of the few, sending a shout out, during their very AMICABLE divorce.

987 days ago


Finally, two individuals that aren't vindictive to each other. I respect their decision of each taking of their own property and moving onward. That takes maturity and intelligence. Kudo's to both of them.

987 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I wish more women were decent human beings like Russell seems to be. You'd almost never hear about this sort of thing, especially involving celebrities, if the woman has the chance to take half of her rich husband's money.

987 days ago


Always liked each of them as individual performers and as a couple. Glad to see that my admiration was not misplaced. Brand is wildly funny but, maybe too hyper and over-the-top crass and crazy for an actual marriage.

987 days ago

Fat Mike    

Next story please. You're flogging a dead horse here.

987 days ago


....Now if only this type of decency could catch on with women. What am I thinking by using the words decency and women in the same sentence. The phrase "when hell freezes over" would have been a much more accurate sentiment....Artofwar

987 days ago


PILAR!!!!!! are you reading this???? this is happens when real adults separate - not fighting and make up crazy stories to get money from your X !!!

987 days ago


I have much respect for both of them. First, they trusted each other from the beginning, and second, for Russell walking away and honoring that trust Katy placed in him. Such a rarity today. Wishing the best for both as they move forward.

987 days ago



987 days ago


Russel Brand Sucks!

987 days ago


He's an European what did you expect.Much respect to Russell:)

987 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Good for them!!! Getting divorced but remaining adults!! Good luck to both!!

987 days ago


this article begins with 'sources close to the couple,' which discourages me from reading the rest. didn't 'sources close to the couple' say they weren't going to be separating? what does this term mean anyway? 'someone who knows them?' how 'close' are they exactly, and why have they given misleading information? is it because they're not actually very 'close' to the couple, or did they lie? not to suggest that you would have any control over what people say about other people, which sucks for you considering it's where you get a whole lot of your information, but it's inconsistent and annoying for anyone who is silly enough to be interested in this sh*t (myself included, albeit in a half-assed kind of way).

987 days ago


Forget the money, how about one of the brea$t$?

987 days ago
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