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Whitney Houston

Autopsy Scheduled for Today

2/12/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The autopsy on the body of Whitney Houston will be performed today, but we're told any results will be deferred pending a toxicology report. 

Although the cause of death is unknown, it is increasingly looking like Whitney may have fallen asleep or lapsed into unconsciousness in the bathtub and drowned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Beverly Hills cops retrieved approximately a half dozen pill bottles from Whitney's room ... including Xanax. No illicit drugs were found. 

Whitney had been drinking the night before and authorities believe a combination of Xanax and alcohol could have fatally sedated her -- although our sources say it is simply too early to draw any firm conclusions.


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brian jonestown massacre

983 days ago


Xanax, alcohol and a good dose of Bobby Brown. Sir, I think you have become the most hated man in America today.

983 days ago


Everytime I read about a celebrity death, more often than not, xanax is in the mix somewhere.

983 days ago


That's a pathetic way to die.

RIP Whitney Houston.

983 days ago


I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show us all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a strenght, a pride.

983 days ago


I agree; Bobby Brown is the most hated man in America. She should have never married him. Her family, friends tried to get her help and she would not listen.

983 days ago


Waiting to see the photographs...

983 days ago


just shut up TMZ yall sound sooo damn stupid if she was drinking the night before the alcohol would have laid off and she would've been sober dumb asses

983 days ago

Jay W.     

Still too early... but if true, Booze and pills never a good combo.

RIP Whitney

983 days ago


I'm not real up on my overdose stuff, but it would seen almost a primitive response that if an person breathes water in the body itself would fight to get air. You'd have to be almost Dr Murray type "asleep" not to fight for air woulndn't you?

983 days ago


I tell you what, if RIHANNA is doing street drugs, popping prescription drug pills, and drinking heavily all the time like in her video "We Found Love" she could easily end up just like Whitney ... or with brain damage or a mangled body and so forth.

Rihanna is playing with fire. Drug addiction really IS a "hopeless place" you don't want to end up in.

Katy Perry's ex-husband Russell Brand was very concerned about Katy hanging around with Rihanna and some of her hard partying friends. I think that was a big reason for the divorce. I'm a huge fan of Katy's and I would be pretty darned upset if she ended up as a hopeless drug addict and died.

Drugs and alcohol nearly killed Russell. It DID end up killing his friend Amy Winehouse. He knew her before she got famous. Russell is trying hard to stay sober and the Hollywood party scene is very hazardous to his health. Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts that "go off the wagon" tend to go on binges and sometimes end up dead pretty quickly.

Hopefully, Rihanna will be "scared straight" by Whitney's death. Prescription drugs, street drugs, and booze kill people of ALL ages and ALL income groups. People that are rich and famous show business people like Rihanna are prime candidates for an early death because of all the drinking and drugging they tend to do.

983 days ago


Amy, I can see why you said that, but I don't blame Bobby. If drugs were not the cause of Whitney's death, they absolutely caused her hell in her life. But, unless he forced a drug down her throat, she made the decision to do them.. no one else did. I know ppl that do heavy drugs and alcohol and not a soul is going to convince me to put that crap in my mouth.

we are responsible for our actions. No one else.

983 days ago


Please don't tell me, Kardashian was making a" paid appearance,"flaunting her Balloon breasts and trying to be photographed with real celebs?? Showing her usual bad taste~

983 days ago


Another thing I would like to say is that everyone is down on Bobby Brown. I don't think he held a gun to her head and forced her to get high. She knew he was a bad boy when she first went for him, and she enjoyed and even flaunted the life she lived with him, so I think it was in her all along. He might have propeled her down the path, but she did so willingly.

983 days ago

John Smatz    

I for one am tired of the excuses, its bobby's fault, its her entourages the end of the day its Whitney's fault. People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions.

983 days ago
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