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My Daddy Scares Me

2/13/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry has been accessed of multiple incidents of child neglect and endangerment.
Gabriel Aubry has been accused of multiple incidents of child neglect and endangerment ... and one of the accusers is 3-year-old Nahla, TMZ has learned. 

Sources tell us the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services conducted numerous interviews with people familiar with the relationship between Gabriel, Halle Berry and Nahla. We're told DCFS now has numerous incidents that have raised concerns about Gabriel’s ability to properly parent his child.

We're told DCFS conducted an interview with Nahla, who talked about her father and described incidents involving him screaming at her -- and how it made her extremely frightened.

Our sources say DCFS has information about Gabriel  yanking the child out of the nanny’s hands, allegedly pushing the nanny while holding the child, and putting the child in harm’s way while Halle was shooting a movie in Europe.

As TMZ previously reported, the Dependency Court ordered that Gabriel can only have contact with his daughter in the presence of a monitor to ensure the safety of Nahla. But we're told that is just the beginning ... there will be numerous other hearings, as well as additional requirements that Gabriel must fulfill, which will include various forms of counseling.

As we reported earlier, Gabriel agreed to anger management counseling ... but we're told the Dependency Court will order more than that.

Just a note ... Dependency Court is different from the family court where Gabriel and Halle have been frequent visitors over the past year. Dependency Court is designed specifically to protect a child when there are signs of neglect or abuse. Being hauled into Dependency Court is far more serious than a family law skirmish.



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Is it possible Halle has drilled it into her daughter to say that about her father. It does have to be investigated if it's true, then the daughter should be protected. But if it's not true & all the doing of Halle & her nanny, then that is terrible.

983 days ago


Crappy that this is even being leaked. Isn't this type of court stuff supposed to be privately heard and private information when related to minors? Some self-important DCFS worker leaking information they aren't supposed to or what?

983 days ago


I'll bet Halle's side leaked it.

983 days ago


How are you Gabriel supporters feeling now? Let me guess, it's Halle's fault.

983 days ago


Yeah, I know all the Halle haters are going to jump on the "she must have told her daughter to say that" bandwagon. Three year olds have a tendency to be very honest because they haven't yet learned the full meaning or utility of lying. My three year old son gets upset if anyone talks bad about his mother or I. I really doubt Nahla would say that she's afraid of her Daddy, and that her Daddy yells at her if it weren't true.

983 days ago


She's scared of her dad yet every time we see photos of her with him, she's all smiles and hugging him. Halle Berry is pulling a Kate Gosselin with all of this. First she accuses him of being racist-he's racist yet has a long term relationship with a black woman AND has a child with he's an evil father whose daughter hates him. Sure he is. Something to keep in mind, Halle...Oliver Martinez dumped Kylie Minogue when she had breast you really think he'll stick around for a custody dispute?

983 days ago


Well based on this evidence, ALL parents should have thier kids taken away. If all they have is that he yelled at her and he scared her, well this for sure will not be twisted by Halle's media muscle minions.

983 days ago


SSDD more of Halle & Gabe's bs. Not pro Halle or pro Gabe. Pro Nahla/Pro Justice. If Judges and DFCS want to be bamboozled by both their bs so be it. Those were the same incidences Halle's been bitching about since day one. We've all seen the cutsie pix of Nahla with Gabe and with the fake bf looking for a green card.Too many red flags to be pro Halle/Gabe.

Bottom line: 3 almost 4 year old child 'needs' therapy and her own counsel with her folks ordered to do counselor/anger management/co-parenting classes---what's wrong with this picture??? what does this say about the parents who don't have their **** together????

The bottom line is

983 days ago

Lynn M    

Hogwash! This child is being led by either the interviewer or Hallie to make these comments. Are dads "scary"? Well, considering they are usually much bigger and have deeper voices, I'd say a resounding, "Yes!". Had my kids been asked that question, I can envision my daughter saying her dad was "scary" at that age, when disciplining her. She was used to me being the disciplinarian and he was more intimidating because if he spoke up, it meant more. However, she was not abused, either verbally or physically. I doubt Nahla was either. Gabriel is just big and has a male voice. He isn't "Mom". Bet a manipulative interviewer could get Nahla to say something negative about Halle, come to think of it. Kids are easily led.

Halle really should think more about Nahla than herself. Nahla is just an excuse. She is done with Gabriel and wants Nahla all to herself. I think the most recent judgement has less to do with Gabriel and more to do with a knee-jerk reaction by the court due to the Powell case.

983 days ago


It's not a surprise that Gabriel Aubry has issues due to his "OWN" erratic upbringing. If he wants to remain in his daughter's life, he's going to have to comply with the recommendations of DCFS and the court. I can only imagine what the additional recommendations will be. I see a "12-step" program in his future. If so, it will do him a "world of good" and make him a much better person. NAHLA DESERVES IT!!!

983 days ago


So Halle is pulling out all the stops to take his daughter from him. Wait until Nahla is older and learns what happened. She will hate Halle.

983 days ago



I just knew it was a reason that he only got visitation right and couldnt take her out of state or on holidays.

and to say the kid was taught or that the judge is favouring Hallie is crap. Otherwise Nahla wouldnt have been appointed her OWN LAWYER

983 days ago


"Anger Management" classes gets a celebrity out of attempted murder of a spouse. "Rehab" gets a celebrity out of multiple DUIs and possession of narcotics. But, getting mad at the nanny gets the ex-lover of a celebrity exile from the child's life and upbringing and there's no way "anger management counseling" can fix that? Double Standard much?

983 days ago


It looks like Halle's PR people are responding in the comments and joining in the trashing of Gabriel Aubry. Funny how perfect Halle thought he was until they broke up. Everyone sees right through Halle's games. No wonder her relationships all end badly. By the time this is done no one will watch her movies either. I know I won't.

983 days ago


Now let's see how many people twist this around and some how blame Halle for it. You people need to face reality. This man should not be alone with his daughter. Nahla belongs with Halle. Face it, deal with it, and move on already. Nahla says her dad scares her. Oh of course some will say Halle told her to say that. Grasp at straws much people?

983 days ago
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