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Pays His Respects to Whitney

2/13/2012 4:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell lay flowers at a makeshift memorial for Whitney HoustonPaul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell just swung by the Beverly Hilton hotel to lay flowers at a makeshift memorial for Whitney Houston ... and TMZ has the pics.

Paul and Nancy dropped a bouquet of yellow roses at the scene, shook hands with some of Whitney's fans at the memorial and talked about how much they loved the late singer.

We're told the fans tried to compliment Paul on his performance at the Grammy Awards last night ... but Paul brushed off the praise ... insisting, "This is about Whitney, not me."

We can't find any evidence that Paul and Whitney ever sang together ... but clearly, the Beatles legend had a respect for her work.



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Aweeee, I like Paul...bless his heart. God's speed to Paul, he's a sweetie!!!

950 days ago


Yeah...sure....Paul's wife married him for his money when she's worth over $300 million....whatever you say

950 days ago


Then you know absolutely nothing about Ringo. He's been dyeing his hair long long before Paul ever did. Ringo had grey streaks when he was a teen. Why does everyone pick on Paul dyeing his hair when 99% of all rock stars and celebrities over 40 are dyeing their hair...


Dang, he looks old. Wish he would stop dyeing his hair.

Ringo doesn't dye his hair, and he has aged so much better than Paul.

950 days ago


That's what has always made Paul normal, down to earth, and a gentleman. He doesn't walk around with an entourage, he'll jump on a bus or train. He lives his life normal on his off time.

And to the person who thought was disrespectful to be in his jogging clothes? Is this a formal wake? Was he suppose to get in a suit and tie to take a walk to a hotel and put down some flowers? Typical negative people who have to take a nice gesture and make idiotic remarks. RIP Whitney



Doesn't he have people who can do this for him??

950 days ago

who cares    

I bet Mickey Fine Pharmacy gets raided again hopefully they will shut them down this time before they supply other drug addicts with enough drugs to kill. One could argue shutting it down after MJ deaths may have saved Whitneys life. As i dont think whitney had enough money to buy her pills at street value.

950 days ago


Why don't the Troops get media coverage like this? I mean, only several thousand of them died right?

950 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Thank God!!!! We haven't had a dead junkie post for almost an hour.

950 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...such a honest, classy guy, so glad he has found a woman whom he loves and she loves him..not for his $ like the goldigger one deserves to be alone in life...and wonderful how he could just go and do this simple a nice pic and story..thanks tmz!

950 days ago


It saddens my heart to read sum of these foolish comments on here. Paul McCartney i am glad to see that you took the time out to stop by and show your respects i so admire this about you.

950 days ago


He looks bad..Plus I have nothing really nice to say about the death..She was a drug addict..Maybe she had talent years ago and ruined her life..Prescription drugs seem to be the norm now..What r people thinking..You mix it with beer, wine or some whisky..I really feel sorry for the children of these so called celebs..

950 days ago


Really? Last night at the Grammy's Paul did not acknowledge the passing of Whitney Houston AT ALL he seemed to be saying tonight is about music and nothing more. But today he comes and lay flowers. Let's keep it real....

950 days ago


Paul McCartney looks like a little old lady. He's a douchebag God hating liberal. I used to love him when I was younger but now I see what he really is. Oh and for all your morons who don't think she is with him for the money, you are ignorant. People with lots of money want MORE money. She not only has more money now but she is semi famous because she is with old goat Paul.

950 days ago

Lunacy, Inc.    

Heidi Fleiss looks pretty good in that photo.

950 days ago


He is so gross and she is so not in love with that old man. He can't sing either. He was awful at the Grammys. He had that old man shaky voice going on.

950 days ago


Oh come on...was that 2nd photo really necessary?

950 days ago
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