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Whitney Houston's Death

Rx Pills ... the New Heroin

2/13/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's death is the latest in a string of celeb tragedies -- Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger -- that show prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal narcotics.

Only TMZ has the latest details about what  was in Whitney's hotel room ... and what it could reveal about her death.

Plus, several people in the newsroom call radishes on Beyonce's baby pics -- claiming Blue Ivy looks nothing like her parents. Let the debate begin! And, breaking S.I. Swimsuit Issue news ... yes, bikinis are news too.


0:00) Whitney Houston -- dead at 48 ... Ryan explains how her body was found ... and by whom.
(2:15) A handful of Rx drugs were found in Whitney's room -- but no real smoking gun.
(8:45) We obtained exclusive photos of Whitney's hotel room -- and there were empty bottles of booze in it.
(13:50) Hottest breaking news ever -- Kate Upton's SI Swimsuit Edition cover was leaked ... we know how it happened.
(14:50) Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party -- held at the same hotel in which Whitney's dead body was found. Some people are disgusted by it ... some aren't surprised at all. 
(26:20) Whitney -- a long history of drug addiction, stints in rehab, and public meltdowns.
(31:01) Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy -- some people refuse to believe it's hers ... especially one person in the newsroom.
(46:00) People trade "where were you when you learned Whitney was dead" stories.


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why do the pill mills continue to operate?

990 days ago

David Riedlinger    

I have a thought. If your stupid enough to take drugs and take a bath, at least have a snorkel with you.

990 days ago


Brittany Murphy did not have any narcotics in her system at the time of her death. She died from pneumonia. The only drugs around her at the time were for her pneumonia.

989 days ago


These comments about Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby must be from people who have never seen a black baby after birth. About 90 percent of black babies are born very light with lots of hair. Eventually some of the babies will lose their hair and some will get even more hair, and it will curl in a couple of weeks or maybe longer (every baby is different). The way you tell what color a black baby will be is to look at their ears. Normally the color of the ears is the color the rest of the body will eventually become.

989 days ago


Waiting to inhale....

989 days ago


It could have been the heat from the bathtub, alcohol in her system, people have been known to have aneurisms in the brain while in the hot tub...

989 days ago


When you mix xananx with other meds is is bad. I did it for two weeks and I don't remember anything that happen in that time frame and it was prescribe by a doctor too. How scary is that. They say Cocaine and xananx are the worst and looking at her track record it is sad. I will remember her for her accomplishments not her trail and errors.

989 days ago


Do we abandon love, grace, mercy & integrity for other people because they are human!? So, we the people that applauded & approved by listening & purchasing Whitney Houston's records & attending to Whitney Houston's concerts, & watching her movies & her life in the public as she gave of her, yes, God given talent, think we are now the great deities & judges to condemn her!? We do to others, living or non-living as we would have done to us. The world already acts as: " Do unto others as what has been done unto you." It is all around us. Can some of us just realize Whitney Houston could of easily had heart failure or an aneurism or such that could of well of been caused by antiobiotics mixed with her sedatives? Is it hard to reason that she could of had an allergic reaction to where her side effect was obviously fatal? Yes, her past is not that pretty but,it is also beautiful & do we have any right to condemn her human-ness when we all have failures deemed by society or by loved ones? Remember how it feels. None of us, in the public eye or not are qualified to write someone off. This is not all of who Whitney Houston was or is nor, will be remembered by! Whitney Houston was not an evil person. She was lost at times but abandoning someone becasue they are not perfect doesn't change them nor society it only breeds more of what is deemed a lost cause. Let us make a jester of good will to see ourselves in Whitney Houston as a daughter, sister, mother, & a friend not just an idol who is seen as fallen. Whitney Houston has never been lost to God. He never abandons nor turns away His own. Nor should we as the family of this planet.

988 days ago
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