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Lindsay Lohan

Did I Forget to Do My Taxes

... Again?

2/14/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems LiLo has given Uncle Sam the slip one more time.Lindsay Lohan and tax liens go together like Lindsay Lohan and arrests, probation violation hearings, lawsuits, mug shots and see-through shirts ... that is to say, very well.

Seems LiLo has given Uncle Sam the slip one more time. According to docs filed yesterday at the L.A. County Recorder's Office, Lindsay never paid federal income taxes for 2010 ... to the tune of $140,203.30.

As TMZ previously reported, Lindsay never cut the government a check for the $93,701.57 she was supposed to pay in federal taxes for 2009 either.

So far, no comment from Lohan ... but she previously blamed her accountants for the 2009 debacle ... so it's probably safe to say they're gonna get the blame for the 2010 screw up as well. 



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her mother is her accountant. what a loser. please go aweay. she lookes like a 45 year old woman for god's sake.

926 days ago


Since the IRS found 2 years of her not paying taxes, they will now legally go back as far as they can to examine all of her taxes, and that of her family members, too. They will find out about cash payments, selling stuff on Ebay, etc. Once the IRS focuses on you, they will look EVERYWHERE!

926 days ago


Accountants need something to account FOR/WITH, and a client who cooperates in signing the checks.

926 days ago


She amazing hotttt!

926 days ago


Well.... Me too, i forgot my taxes

926 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Probably should pay these bills quickly before the IRS starts snooping into unclaimed cash income. This could prove to be a real problem for Lindsay. Maybe she will sue the IRS

926 days ago


The sad part of all of this is that she is a grown woman who was given chances in life that most people just dream about and she throws it all away. She had the looks and a great body at one time but didn't have the smarts to protect her money maker. She let herself go for a lot blow and now has turned to plastic surgery to rectify the damage. She has turned into a complete caricature. She has become so distorted that she no longer looks like the cute little girl she once was and wants us to continue believe in. Lindsay Lohan is her own worse enemy with mom coming in a close second. Just pack it up and move on Lindsay for it is now getting embarressing to watch you go through with your instigated drama each day. We know you read the post because we have seen change, like your coked out nasty chipped teeth that we talked about and the next day they were fixed!LOL. The extra pelt you are wearing on your head that really makes you look cheap instead of glamorous because we said we could see the extensions in her thinning hair. Lindsay please do yourself and us a favor and leave Hollyweird behind. You may lose the fame you wanted but you may find yourself in the process.

926 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey H8rs, it's time for you all to start lining up to go the the LANDFILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

926 days ago


What "accountant" forgets to file taxes?

926 days ago


My question is: Has she paid her 2009 taxes yet? Why doesn't anyone go and find that out? Ultimately we are all responsible for paying our bills whether we have an accountant or not.

926 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey ketjo, break a hip!!!!!!!! Lilo doesn't give a rats a*s about what you THINK and neither do WE so move along to your next dumpster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

926 days ago


so far this is just the IRS...california has a state tax..
and if anyone thinks she has the money you have fallen and bumbed your head..
Dina gets 20% (right off the bat)
she still has to pay LNOR#2 wages..
back credit card bills of $500,000 plus..
Legal fees,
cocaine expenses and living.
elite Limo.
and if the money is all gone from 2011, and she didnt pay those taxes either that another $300 to $400 thousand..
hope Dawn Holland can waite about 20 years for her money

926 days ago


you see her career did move up from 2009 to can tell by her tax debt..
lets see what 2011 brings..thats the year of the grandtheft arrest..she has until april 15th to file those taxes.(unless she asks for an extention)

926 days ago


You know Karma is kind of like those little red checks certain trolls are so fond of giving....Each time you do or say something really nasty to someone wishing them to "break and hip" or "get run over by a bus" it gives you a nice red Check next to your name on the fate list...Which mean some of the Trolls on here have accumulated enough red checks on their list to REALLY start to get worried about Karma paying them back and "Karma will play them back" for every one of those remarks.......
I think you hit that nail on the head this morning about Gloday.....or shall we say ................ NO ! Lets leave it hanging a while longer why spoil the fun !!! LOL

926 days ago


takes alot of money to try and stay relivant..
you are right.other celebs find them selves with tax debts..
but the difference is.THEY ARE WORKING..and if not..little Bow Bow...and wesley snipes..
Now she has to hire someone (or a team of accountants) to go through her war zone taxable income records..
no wonder LOU jumped ship..

926 days ago
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