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Amber Portwood

Allegedly Evicted

For Conning the Government

2/16/2012 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood was tossed out of her Indiana home last month for scamming the government and mooching off taxpayer money -- this according to law enforcement sources.

Here's how it breaks down -- according to Amber's lease agreement, obtained by TMZ, the house she was renting in Anderson, Indiana had been subsidized by the state's "Low Income Rental Housing Tax Credit Program."

Problem is, in order to enroll in the program -- a prerequisite for moving in -- the reality star claimed she made roughly $10,000 a year ... MUCH less than what she actually earned in 2010 ... $280,000.

According to sources, Amber's massive income rendered her ineligible for subsidized housing -- no duh -- and that's the reason her landlords evicted her.

It doesn't really matter though -- Amber's still locked up in jail, awaiting final approval to enter a court-appointed drug rehab program.


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The drama just doesn't ever seem to end with this girl. It's like she took followed the white trash handbook word for word:

1. Have a baby at 16 - Check
2. Get arrested for assaulting your "baby daddy" - check
3. Lie to the government to receive undeserved handouts - check
4 Lose custody of your child - check
5. Get arrested for drug possession - check

All that's left for her to do now is move into a trailer and start cooking/smoking meth..

982 days ago


Imagine that, be on welfare and then go on national tv to show everyone where you live. Sorry people, I forgot, you don't need talent or smarts to be on tv anymore. My bad . . .

982 days ago


MTV should be ashamed for paying these girls that much money. That is disgusting... lets reward irresonsibility for getting knocked up at 16. Besides, it takes away the whole point of this show... to portray the difficulties and struggles of being a teenage mother, mostly money-related. If you are paying them all this money, how is it reality when they can afford everything and make more money a year than most people? WTF. I can only hope that most of this money is being put in a trust for their children... I'm talking like 90% of it.

982 days ago


That is why when she was put on probation people questioned how a judge can order her to setup a college fund is because she was making so much money and the judge knew she was going to blow it and he wanted the child to have some money for her future.

982 days ago


Any violation for those horribly over plucked eye brows?

982 days ago


soooooo what you're saying is that these teen mom stars are actually LOSERS?! forget it. i flat out REFUSE to believe it.

982 days ago


She's a piece of sh*t and deserves to have her daughter taken away permanently! Also, wtf is with her eyebrows?? The other chic, Janelle, has the same crap....looks ridic - idiots.

982 days ago


Put this bitch in jail for the rest of her life.

982 days ago


Just goes to show you, low down comes in all colors and it makes me angry for folks to put bad things on blacks.. this chick is not black and this gives new meaning to black people on section 8 or as you say substidized housing, so we tax payers were p[aying her bills.. how ironic is that whne you bad mouth others> Seems like a lot of dirt is coming out on the ones who people never looked at!

982 days ago


I wouldnt normally waste my time on this girl or her messed up life. Other then to hope her little girls is doing ok.
But why in the world does she SHAVE off the ends of her eyebrows???????

A 52 yr old Grandma

982 days ago

There's a problem here    

$280K? You'd think with that much coin she would have had a professional do something about those brows. It's not that expensive.

981 days ago


Imagine that... another celebrity doper. Maye she should go take bath.

981 days ago


She should have been in jail when she assaulted her baby daddy. Everyone I know on G-DS' planet knows good and well she was making some sort of abundant amount of money being filmed on MTV. How the IRS or the landlord can overlook her additional income is beyond me!

981 days ago


How the heck did she make 280K in 2010? That makes no sense to me.

981 days ago


Fack me... those eyebrows are SCARY!

981 days ago
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