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Mel Gibson

Invited to Whitney's Funeral ...

He Tried to Save Her

2/17/2012 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson
was invited to Whitney Houston's funeral ... and the family extended the invite because Mel tried to help the singer during a very dark period in her life ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... several years ago, when Whitney was about as bad off with drugs and alcohol as she ever was, Mel quietly intervened and spent a lot of time with her, trying to help her break the addiction cycle.

We're told Whitney's family is "extremely appreciative" and wanted Mel at tomorrow's funeral, but because of family plans he can't attend.


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TMZ should be taken with a grain of salt. Pure unsubstantiated rumors!

988 days ago


You know I gotta say that no matter what the haters on Mel say, this man has more than made up for inexcusable language when he was arrested. He has tried to help so many people fighting these addictions and thats rare for a celebrity. Thank you Mel for at least trying. Sorry it didn't work for her or Lindsay, but you are to be commended for at least reaching out to help when most just enabled them in the same behavior. Love you Mel! You just had really bad taste in "music" there for

988 days ago


Mel is such an awesome guy. Here he was helping Whitney and no one knew about it because he's not a bragger. Looking foward to seeing "Get The Gringo." The trailer looks good Can't wait to see his Viking movie.It'll be awesome!!!!!!!!!
I hope Mel finds someone soon who will really love him and respect his need for privacy.

988 days ago

al baby    

Way to go Riggs !!!

988 days ago

who cares    

So they are inviting true friends and her enablers to the party ops funeral. No shame in Hollywood, because some of the people invited are the same ones who enabled her. No I am not talking about Bobby Brown.

988 days ago


It's sad the family don't want those that provide Whitney with millions by buying her recording to be part of the service. Those that made her famous, are barred from viewing or even being part of a public service.

988 days ago


Saint Mel strikes again. Always liked him, even through his rediculous tirades, and I hope he has learned his lesson. There is a thing called forgivness that most people don't have in their being, but it is out there for the taking. Give it a try. You will feel much better.

988 days ago


Everyone wants to hate on Mel for his tirade. Sometimes I do too, for cheating on his wife though. But he has helped alot of people. Robert Downey Jr. even said he was the only one who got him back on track in Hollywood. He seems to be a good guy who has mad a few bad desisions when mad/drunk.

988 days ago


Ya ya ya that Mel is a saint... A lot of good that did Whitney Houston.

Those people who simply want to overlook Mel's ahem "difficulties" because he is such a nice guy - should remember not only the racial slurs but maybe the fact that he punched his ex-wife. Sorry - even the Adolf Hitler was nice sometimes (to dogs and some other people he liked). Big freakin deal.

Why are people so shortsited. Jeez.

988 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Not a bit surprised.

Poor Whitney and her daughter.

988 days ago

Fat Mike    

Despite Mel's crucifiction during Harvey's endless crusade to persecute anyone who dares to put down a jew or homosexual, it's hard to deny Mel Gibson is a half decent person.
How many of us haven't said something racist or demeaning to someone else, especially after a few drinks? How many of you who judge him would have lived as decent a life as him if you'd had his money and fame your whole adult life? How many of you would have been able to raise a HUGE family who all stay out of trouble, despite their outrageous lifestyle?
Imagine if you spent every day of your life being judged by the worst thing you've ever done (not just the things you've been caught for)?
You can bet there are a thousand more stories like this that we will never hear about.

988 days ago


Mel knew what it was to be tormented with addiction, he knew what a felt like to have everyone point fingers. I am glad he (and others too) stood by the people that were down and out and tried to help and show them support.

988 days ago


I wonder how many other attractive, famous female addicts Gibz tried to git with under the pretext of helping them - with their addictions of all things. Lol! Imagine having Giblitz call you out of the blue, (without having met him) wanting to help you with a personal problem like an addiction that he has yet to kick? He just wanted to party hard. It's no wonder his marriage fell apart.

988 days ago


I'm not surprised he tried to help. Good for him.

988 days ago


Tried to intervene my ass. Mel Gibson hates Black people, just like he hates Jewish and Hispanic people. He's made that abundantly clear with his ignorant comments in the past few years.

988 days ago
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