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Whitney Houston Jokes

How Soon Is Too Soon?

2/17/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's burial is still days away, but that isn't stopping people from cracking some pretty harsh jokes -- too soon, as they say? Plus, huge debate over flags flying at half-staff for Whitney. Some think it's disrespectful ... and one person in our newsroom is PISSED!
Also, Jennifer Aniston is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a huge honor ... that only costs $30 Gs! Where's the prestige if it's just about money?


(3:00) Whitney Houston's funeral invitation refers to it as a "home going service."
(5:50) Bobby Brown's ridiculous Whitney tribute at a concert in Indiana. Unbelievable. 
(14:30) Putting the American flag at half staff for Whitney -- this sparks Mike's best rant ever.
(18:32) Whitney Houston jokes -- you gotta hear the two John Henson cracked to us last night.
(19:10) Harvey and Charles read the best and worst Whitney jokes -- Rick joins in with a few of his own.
(22:00) Nancy Grace insinuates Whitney was murdered -- so Dan Abrams rightfully puts her in her place.
(33:31) A 95-year-old fashion socialite dies sitting front row at a fashion event -- and it doesn't phase the models.
(35:30) Hey... at least Zelda died doing what she loved.
(39:30) The Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a big joke now?


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Sandra Hughes    

No they should lower the flags she was an entertainer not a hero. She was a great entertainer she did her job well.

979 days ago


I wish that it weren't about race but there is an element of bias to it. She is a black female who unfortunately chose to smoke crack, a drug which the media readily portrays with impoverished black neighborhoods. You don't hear this kinda mess about James Morrison, John Belushi, or many other white artists who did drugs and died. I try to have compassion towards the woman. She came out of a ****ty marriage and a drug haze, both of which she chose, to no voice, a career in shambles, and the knowledge that she did it all to herself. I think that was punishment enough.

979 days ago


I believe that flags flown at half staff should be left for those who have served our country.....NOT druggie/crack-heads like Whitney Houston. Shame on you Gov. Christie

979 days ago


Flags at half-staff for Whitney but not soldiers who die for our country. There is something so very wrong about this!

979 days ago


Whitney deserves the flag being flown half-staff she donated proceeds of her concerts to the first Irag war and most of the people of New Jersey loved her. You guys are so wrong.

979 days ago


No question she had a great voice,we are all human,with faults,insecurities and have sometime or another made a mistake.No need to attack the dead, her Family now have to live with her mistakes,I can't imagine losing my mother or my daughter losing me.What a pain for a heart to carry.We may not have liked how she lived her life in the last 20 yrs,but we can learn just a lil bit from it all..we are not invincible.....she sang it best..."Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all".

979 days ago


It's too soon for Whitney Houston jokes, she's not even in her grave yet, it's totally disrespectful, you stupid people, and that includes you Harvey.

979 days ago


Why was RJ rushed out of the hotel into a speeding car?Why was a beer,burger,turkey sandwich and champagne from room service ordered and in the room.? Why did her people not check on her sooner ? Information says that they always checked on her often and did not want her to take baths.Why @ least one hour until they checked her inn the bathroom?
Here's what I think.....RJ was with Whitney,they ordered room service,beer and burger for him and champagne and a turkey sandwich for Whitney.All that food was not ordered for just one person....come on,really? She went into her bathroom and RJ did not think or know to check on her.What happened in that bathroom when she was by herself is unknown. I think RJ found her and that is why he is so distraught and shown being frantically rushed out the back of the Hilton in a panicked state. This is what I think.

979 days ago


the flag should not be at half mass for whitney. I'm not saying she should not be remembered but the flag is a symbol of the country and reserved for individuals who do heroic actions or do something completely selfless for the country. it demeans every other individual who has had the honour of having the flag at half mass. She should be remembered within the music world not in the same ranks of american soldiers and police officers.

979 days ago


I just watched a clip of Whitney at a club the night before she died....she was crying and embracing El Debarge..they both were crying... they both battle drug and alcohol addiction heart just fell.

979 days ago

Andy S    

My favorite one that I thought of was "It's colder than Whitney Houston's bath water outside".

979 days ago


Jokes too soon? I don't think any jokes ever is appropriate. Whitney was a stunningly gorgeous woman with an incredible body....she had a voice that puts all the artists today to shame because her voice raises the standard. Now when I listen to all the popular artists they are a joke.....I loved Whitney and what happen to her is deeply troubling and tragic.

979 days ago


Just because it was a known fact that Whitney Houston did drugs does not mean she doesn't deserve respect, dead or alive. Charlie Sheen did drugs everyday and he was treated as if he were the greatest man to ever live. When MJ died, I don't remember seeing ANY jokes about his death, any. Whitney Houston is & was the greatest female vocalist the public was ever exposed to. Just because some of you aren't fans or think it's funny how she died doesn't make it right.

979 days ago


So just because Whitney has had a past of drug abuse its ok to make jokes? God forbid anyone of your family members pass away, and see if you feel the same way about jokes being mad towards them.

979 days ago


So just because Whitney has had a past of drug abuse its ok to make jokes? God forbid anyone of your family members pass away, and see if you feel the same way about jokes being mad towards them.

979 days ago
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