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Jeremy Lin

ESPN Apologizes Over Offensive Headline

2/18/2012 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ESPN Headline Chink In the Armor
ESPN issued an apology last night after a racially insensitive headline about New York Knicks star guard Jeremy Lin appeared on their mobile site.

The headline, "Chink In the Armor," appeared only on mobile browsers, the network said, and only between the hours of 2:30 AM ET and 3:05 AM ET.

ESPN posted an apology on their media site, which read in part, "We are conducting a complete review of our cross-platform editorial procedures and are determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. We regret and apologize for this mistake."

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976 days ago


conducting a complete review of our cross-platform editorial procedures...JUST FIRE THAT POS.. what's so difficult about that. He knew exactly what he was doing, and thought the intrinsic racist American social norms would have his back and look the other way.

976 days ago


Was this necessary? Out of all the words in the dictionary to select from.....and this idiot used the most discriminating word. Seriously....how did he get the job at ESPN in the first place? Wow...we have ESPN in Taiwan localized...I wonder what his colleague have to say. What a shame.....This dude should be shut down forever.....guess he might still have his little group of followers with racist blog to write on. ESPN's brand is forever tarnished....such tragic in today's globalization economy. Discriminating one of your own...Asian-American...WOW! this only happens in the USA. Jeremy Lin was born in United States and speaks perfect English whom graduated from Harvard....and he helped Knicks to win 7 games.......what more do you want? hair bleached....skin bleached....cosmetic surgery...the whole nine yards....and look like MJ? Seriously? grow up!

976 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

ESPN/ABC/Disney? The same corporate monster that fired
Hank Williams Jr. for openly and honestly expressing his
thoughts about the Pharaoh of The "United" States, seems - not unlike most within the multinational "Corporate America"- to be extremely selective in-regards to "sensitivity" issues. Apparently, coddling and pandering to certain groups, while disregarding and disrespecting others.
Inarguably, a wide-spread practice among many Corporate and
"Media" entities. Rest assured, these unfair and unjust actions, shall NO LONGER BE TOLERATED.

The American REVELATION(3;7) is NOW, The Kingdom strikes BACK!
Psalm2;012 is NOW, The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA reigns!
Daniel 12;1 is HERE!

976 days ago

Queen Karma    

Oh yeah, a joke. Yeha a pun. I get it like someone said earleir and let they said, NO, that is NOT funny.
What, WTF, who on ESPN, producer, writer, camera, editor, etc.,,, that went through amny hands before it got on air.
It is not funny.

976 days ago


utterly unacceptable from worldly espn. they have a responsibility to uphold standards, and not be careless and arrogant racists... like the rest of middle america.

976 days ago


Folks, this was not a racial comment at all. Do any of you bother to look at a dictionary?

chink 1 (chngk)n.
A narrow opening, such as a crack or fissure.
tr.v. chinked, chink·ing, chinks
1. To make narrow openings in.
2. To fill narrow openings in.

I have always known this word as described above. Get your heads out of your A** and get some education.

976 days ago


I'm all about being PC, but enough already! Chink in the armor is a term that has been used time and time again and has nothing to do with someone of Asian decent. The article was referring to a weakness and not to the player. So when I go to a restaurant and have soup, if my server is white am I not allowed to ask for crackers?

976 days ago


Krinha, why don't u look up empathy and humanity in the dictionary.

976 days ago


Isn't it fascinating that this same Sports Network found it necessary to terminate Hank Williams Jr. for what was reported to be "Insensitive Remarks About the President" when in fact he made an Analogy, maybe stupid in this day and age, but still an Analogy. Oh, wait a minute! You have to understand the english language as a Broadcaster, which is questionable at ESPN. Touche, Hank!!

976 days ago


As someone in their 20s, I can tell you that the word "chink" isn't widely known in my age group as an epithet. It's just so rarely heard or used that if I had read that headline, I wouldn't have even noticed the double entendre, if it was even intended. We should be happy that racism has died down so much that our young people don't even know these racial epithets.

976 days ago


Man, that's a slippery slope...

976 days ago


Thats outrageous & unacceptable. Unfortunately people won't be as outraged because it is an Asian racist remark if it were a remark against Jews or blacks this would be all over the media. Double standard!

976 days ago


ESPN is a perfect example of a company who starts small with a good idea and a good product, builds a devoted following that grows until they are the biggest thing going -- and then they realize "We are the biggest thing going. We can do whatever we want!" And then proceed to do whatever they want resulting in consistent Epic Fail because they lost all sense of what got them where they are. See also, Yahoo, AOL, Google, Walmart.......

976 days ago


The headline is out of line. Also, why even bring up blacks? This article isn't even about them/us. By the way, most blacks consider Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson fools.

976 days ago
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