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Kim Kardashian

The World's Most

Expensive Gym Bag

2/19/2012 12:40 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian and her Hermes Birkin
When Kim Kardashian goes to workout her million dollar booty, she doesn't just throw her sweaty rags in any old duffel -- she carries the world's most highly coveted handmade leather purse ... the Hermes Birkin.

Kim left a Beverly Hills gym on Thursday holding a black Birkin, which can cost anywhere from $9k to about $150k ... just ask Rick Yune​.

She's one bougie bag lady.


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Kim K is the most expensive "bag" in the world.

921 days ago


John on comment # 2. I don't like John & Ken. However they have every right to indicate the wrongs of any group of people. Blacks have this attitude that if anyone complains about the things they do, they are racist. Blacks and all other races need to realize that negative ways of life are simply that. And if the black culture have some negative directions in our society they need to understand that other races do not need to accept their way simply because blacks want it that way. GROW UP!!!!! Whitney was into crack for many years. This caused her decline. Winehouse also lived that type of life. People acknowledged that. So does that mean that people are racist simply because we project on the obvious. Whitney was a great singer. But first, she was a human being (just like the rest of us). She directed herself in a destructive way and therefore, why should we consider her a role model. I wouldn't want my daughter to follow her path. So Whitney was not a good role model. She was a human being with talents that she waisted away by living a destructive life style.

921 days ago


Is it just me or is the joke on people that spend tons of $$ on hideous bags?

921 days ago

Trooper Tom    

The cow looks her age which appears to be in the forties, if she wandered around the mall she'd be just another nothing special shopper with big fake t!ts

921 days ago


To think of all the suffrering of the worlds poorest people makeing her crap so she can buy this bag... worthless.

It would be more honerable for her to pay for it with pron moive money than abuseing the kids.

921 days ago

liquid kitty    

An expensive bag cannot hide thunder thighs. This reminds of those morbidly obese women who have over the top manicures, makeup and weaves thinking no one will notice how big they are.

921 days ago


They're all useless, always have been, always will be. They've contributed absolutely nothing of any use to society whatsoever. That's why I changed their name to "Tardashian".

@ John 8:23. Hey, genius. Open your mealy piehole and tell us all just exactly what that has to do with the subject at hand. You can also enlighten us as to why most left wing weenies feel it is necessary to monopolize every forum with what you think is highly desirable political insight. Congratulations, it's only mediocre prattle.

Not only that, you spew Jewish this and Jew that, would that not be racist? Whatever it is, it also makes you a hypocrite as well as an intolerant douche-bag, like most liberals. Besides, don't you have some Occupy Mob to attend that desperately needs yet another warm, unwashed body?

For what it's worth, your type is the reason my wife and I moved out of LA County to an overwhelmingly Conservative community where gangs, crime, sex offender population and despair are low and character, moral, honor, virtue and patriotism are high. If you want to call that narrow minded, I'm guilty as charged. But at least I'm not an intolerant douche-bag.


847 days ago
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