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Kobe Bryant to Vanessa

I Won't Cheat Ever Again!!!

2/19/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant is making a full court press to save his marriage.
Kobe Bryant
is making a full court press to save his marriage ... and has sworn up and down to Vanessa he will never stray again if she takes him back.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Kobe has "aggressively" pursued Vanessa over the last three weeks, and she's been receptive. We're told Vanessa tends to believe Kobe, but still isn't sure the marriage can be resurrected.  

And then there's the subject of lavish gifts. We're told Kobe has given Vanessa a very expensive piece of jewelry. We don't know the price, nor do we know how it compares to the $4 million ring she scored after Kobe's infamous dalliance a few years back.

As for whether they will drop the divorce, we're told they are working on a reconciliation. Several sources very familiar with the couple told us at the time Vanessa filed legal docs not to be surprised if the papers are withdrawn ... because they both really love each other.

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Zombie Whitney Houston    

She's clearly an idiot.

976 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

10 percent of his net worth on two "sorry for cheating" gifts
no wonder these athletes always go broke.

976 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

If Vanessa takes him back.....whatever he does next she has coming.

976 days ago


He would nEver Kobe Bryant Her!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7uLkkHG3aY

976 days ago


HAHA Kobe just buy her an 8million $ ring this time!

976 days ago


He will NEVER cheat on her again. Until those sluts make their way into the locker room and cause a big gang bang. Promise.

976 days ago


Stupid girls and their stupid desire for money/jewelry/etc. Eventually (WAY later for the real idiots), they realize that it just doesn't buy happiness. Or monogamy.

976 days ago

My Big Salami    

Without Kobe she would be working at Del Taco....She should kiss the ground he walks on ..Kobe you are a LIVING LEGEND ! You Rule! Tell her to do your dishes and laundry!!

976 days ago


Good luck with that. Although, I think I would put up with the cheating just for the jewelery and houses.

976 days ago


Clearly she will take him back. Shes not stupid. 1) To live in 3 houses with no job, she clearly will need someone rich to support her. After kobe, what man would want to go to a gold digger? Safety net would be to just stick it out with him. Or she will go banqrupt til the next sucker latches onto her.

976 days ago

The Real JJ    

It must be nice to buy your way out of sh*t. But to be honest without Kobe she would nowhere, with Kobe she's potentially the wife of the greatest LAKER ever!!! She sprung over that. Plus I've yet to hear a chick come out and screwed Kobe (recently). Most thirsty chicks would be dying to get their name out there.

976 days ago


In the grand scheme of things, the world is a lonely place if your in it all by yourself. I think Kobe should man up and do whatever it takes to win his wife's trust back, if that's possible. He can screw around all he likes, but at the end of the day, Kobe and every other adulterer is doing it just for the extra thrill. To find someone who truly cares for you, warts and all, is sort of a miracle.

976 days ago

Kev the Realist    

What is it with these stupid women. I guess it proves love is BLIND. Once a cheater always a cheater. Take the moniey and run, stop being a victim. What is wrong with being divorced and let him date you. Keep control he has proven over and over again (yes folks he is a serial cheater by his own admission), you take the settlement then if you want to date him you are still an idiot, but you at least took a stand. Otherwise you are as big a loser as he is. He feels he can do anything and anyone.

976 days ago


Oh Puh-leeeease! He is NOT "aggressively" pursuing HER...he is aggressively pursuing his money that he will lose 1/2 of if she kicks him to the curb.

I agree with the poster up above...she takes this guy back then she deserves what she gets. Idiot.

Also, I bet within 90 days of taking him back and calling off the lawyers...he starts funneling his money to offshore accounts and getting into fraudulent business deals so he can account for the loss of money should the divorce eventually happen.

976 days ago



976 days ago
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