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WWE Champ CM Punk

Chris Brown is Dead Wrong,

I DON'T Use Steroids

2/21/2012 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk is lashing back at Chris Brown ... claiming the singer isn't just a liar ... but a total "coward" who never truly "paid" for what he did to Rihanna.

Punk released a video statement moments ago ... in response to Brown's allegations that he's a steroid-abuser with an inadequate penis.

In his video, Punk starts out by saying he's "a proud life long drug free straight edge individual" ... and then spends the next minute BLASTING Brown.

"Chris and I come from different worlds. I don't have an assistant. I don't have a body guard.  I don't have a manager or a PR person telling me to delete tweets like Chris does, and I don't hit women. Period."

He adds, "[Chris] has made the wrong accusations to the wrong person because I can defend myself."

Punk then challenges Brown to a no-holds barred fight for charity ... and says, "I will choke you out and I will make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman who has the misfortune of knowing a sad cowardly little boy such as yourself."

Your move, Chris.

5:16 PM PT -- Chris Brown responded:

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Oh, ur wee wee is just newborn sized naturally. Thanks for clearing that up.

939 days ago


Chris Brown's fans are mostly STUPID TEENAGE FEMALES who do not know any better and call themselves Team Breezy!! How funny is it that Rihanna may be back with him?? When he beats her the next time, nobody will have sympathy for her. Rihanna seems to have the same mindset of his fan-base

939 days ago


Nice...I like this guy! And Chris Brown, you are a piece of ****!

939 days ago


Anyone who defends Chris Brown has zero morals and should be curb stomped. The only reason Punk tweeted about him was because that dirt bag Chris Brown had to post some tweet bragging about his grammy explicitly (then delete it of course.)

Anyone who knows wrestling or knows Punk, knows that he doesn't care about publicity or any of that. He's a low key guy who just says what he thinks and calls it like he sees it.

And can some of you learn how to type in English. Not whatever broken ebonics you speak in. Good Lord.

Yo ma boy Chris Brown aint be dealin wit haterZ lik dis guy. teambreezey yo 4 life son.....learn how to read and write before you post. You sound stupid and ignorant already by defending him but its even worse when its in some moronic dialect that you speak.

939 days ago


All you clueless people who are saying that WWE is fake here's the deal. Is More then 5 million fans fake is falling from 10ft ladders fake is geting sold out crowds where everyone go fake is starting THE ROCKS legendary career fake Before you talk Sh#@$ about what over what more then half the world loves think

939 days ago


There's one thing a lot of people don't get. Wrestling fans stick together. Even if Chris Brown has more fans than CM Punk, they will never have the organized loud voice of the wrestling community. Teambreezy: the "Universe" will plow you. Back off and take your boy CB with ya.

939 days ago


Thank you for being a man and wanting to give Chris a taste of his own medicine. He came very close to killing Rhianna. What if he would of killed her that night? He is awful!

939 days ago


Now this is AWESOME! Much respect to CM Punk

939 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Chris Brown is a douche.

939 days ago


I hope he takes CM up on the offer! I would watch it!

939 days ago


You'd think these two guys would have something better to do then hurl school yard taunts on twitter, of all places. LOL So lame. Oh wait, one is Chris Brown...never mind.

939 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Please god let CM Punk lay the beating to Chris Brown that he deserves.

939 days ago


Tonnes of people are rooting for this wrestler-last time I checked, there's been incidents of men pulling the hair and physically intimidating women in the WWE--fake or not,still seems a little hypocritical to me. Secondly-this "proposal" blurs the thin line between entertainment and social repercussion. How would fighting Chris Brown for charity solve anything? Fighting violence with violence? He's as bad as that homewrecker Miranda Lambert.

939 days ago


LOVE IT! chris brown is a little punk who isn't even that talented. i'd love to see him say this sh*t someones face. he's a ***** bith, that would piss in his pants. i'm glad someone finally put this bitch in his place!

939 days ago


CB is from the projets with zero éducation.
Fame and fortune will never ever change him, just make him worst (if still possible)
CAN not hide who you are even with the best surrounding.

939 days ago
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