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Conrad Murray

D.A. Says He's a

Danger to Society

2/21/2012 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The D.A. is alarmed that Dr. Conrad Murray is asking the trial judge to spring him from the pokey while he appeals his conviction in the death of Michael Jackson -- arguing Murray is a danger to society.

According to the new docs, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors say Murray has shown no remorse for his "reckless and criminal conduct that directly caused Michael Jackson's death."  In other words, the D.A. says Murray just doesn't get it, and he could engage in the same conduct again if the judge lets him loose.

The D.A. also claims Murray is a flight risk, because he no longer has strong ties to California now that his medical license has been revoked.

As for Murray's grounds for appealing the conviction, the D.A. claims they're all bogus.  The D.A. makes mention of the judge's decision to exclude Dr. Arnold Klein's testimony.  Klein gave MJ scores of Demerol shots in the months preceding his death, but the D.A. says no traces of the drug were found in MJ's body at the time of his death.


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I'd rather hear a news story about how much a classmates mother can make a hr, then read about this douchebag

976 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Murray saw $$$ signs when he was hired to be MJ's doctor. He's provided MJ with whatever MJ wanted Murray didn't act like a DR. with MJ he acted more like MJ's personal drug dealer...

976 days ago


Michael had addiction issues. Why blame it all on Dr.Murray?
It won't bring MJ back. Stop using Murray, as a fall guy.
They should crack down on all the doctors supplying hollywood stars with prescriptions. Why isn't TMZ doing more stories about Demi Moore and her addictions??? They are only focusing on Whitney and Michael.

976 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

The DA is nuts.
Conrad Murray is a hero. The man rid the world of one of the most sick and dangerous pedophiles ever. The world is MUCH safer because of the hero Dr. Murray. People should be lining up giving this guy medals for the good he's done.
Thank you so much for making the children of the world a little safer, Conrad Murray!

976 days ago

Steelers suck    

No. Murray HELPED get rid of a huge danger to society. Or should I say, danger to little boys! He should be given a medal for that instead of in prison.

976 days ago


He belongs forever inside the jail.

976 days ago


how in the phk is he a danger to society,,,hes not a serial killer...didnt even do anything but get involved with with some drugged out manipulating pedophile....Set the ,man free and phk all Jacksons...from the mama to the youngest incestial victim with a jackson name! Phk put Jremaine and Randy in jail for having kids wirh the same woman.....What the phk do they call em...Uncle Daddy?

976 days ago



976 days ago


Conrad Murray isn't a danger to society. The DA is a bigger danger to society than Conrad Murray for devaluating the meaning of danger to society.

976 days ago


I wish MJ's family would quit the cover up. MJ was an addict long before Murray got involved with this creepy guy. MJ bought his drugs, rehab in Germany, and still filled his body with crap. I think the molesting charges could have been true, and he couldn't live with himself when he was finally caught. The Jackson family is just like other druggies family, it's always someones else's fault.

976 days ago


anyone without any medical knowledge WOULDN'T have done the wrong things Murray did when his patient was dying. He literally murdered MJ, that is why he is a danger to soceity, he could kill more patients. Do your home work and find out the WRONG things this murderer did before you praise him! You guys are such sickos to defend a killer when his patient was relying on him to keep him safe, the same might happen to you someday.

975 days ago

King of TMZ    

No matter what one would frame MJ as (even though he was evicted from ALL charges of the supposed "molestation") This "DR" didn't act like a doctor but more like business money vulture that will do ANYTHING to keep his chicken making golden eggs. The fact he doesn't feel that he was WRONG acting out of greed and treating MJ with a drug he was NOT trained for etc... (huge negligence)... then he doesn't deserve to be free. He feels others are at fault and not him... POOR MURRAY... Wrong + Wrong is not equal to right... if others were wrong by giving MJ Sh*t then they were good for not getting caught... but you were and what you did is wrong and you will pay for it fully.... you should at least have remorse if you really look for the judge's or public empathy... but why would a selfish vulture think of remorse anyway????

975 days ago


Ya think?

975 days ago
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