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'Teen Mom 2' Star


By 3 Violent Chicks

2/21/2012 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Leah Messer abuse photo -- Leah was beat up by 3 women outside of a movie theater.
"Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer was brutally attacked by 3 women outside of a movie theater in West Virginia this weekend ... multiple sources tell TMZ.

19-year-old Leah is telling friends and family ... she had just left the theater with her fiance Sunday night when an older woman began following her and calling her names.

We're told Leah insists she tried to tell the woman to leave her alone ... when 2 other girls appeared out of nowhere and the three chicks opened a can of whoopass all over Leah's face.

Sources say Leah's fiance, and a security guard, managed to pull the three women off the MTV star ... and got out of the area.

TMZ obtained a photo of Leah's face following the brawl ... which shows a swollen cheek and redness on her neck and chest.

We're told Leah did not recognize any of her attackers ... but Leah's mother has since gone to Twitter in an effort to try and identify the assailants.

Sources say Leah plans to follow up with police later today to file a report.

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Must not have been that bad of a beat down. She has no bruising or swelling of the face and neck. Can you say problicity stunt? Fail

920 days ago


Wtf are you guys talking about, 'Too bad she didnt die', She deserved it? First of as a victim of abuse, NOBODY DESERVES TO GET BEATEN AND FEEL LIKE THEIR LIFE IS AT RISK. You're sick if you think that this is justice. THATS SOMEBODY'S DAUGHTER. THATS TWO TWIN'S BEAUTIFUL MOTHER. Shes a human being. You think you have the right to judge her because she cheated? You know what, what she wasnt excusable, but she'll pay for it everyday of her life watching her girls grow up splitting their childhood between their mother and father, which as a child of divorced parents, sucks. I didnt get father daughter dances, had to split every christmas and birthdays and listen to them fight. You've got no idea what your talking about saying she deserved this. NOBODY DESERVES TO GET HARASSED CALLED A SLUT, WHORE, BITCH or any of that b/c you wouldnt like it if it was your daughter or mother being called this. She shared her story to help others and as a mother, she's a damn good one for her age compaired to most who dump their babies in trashbins, sell them or worse. She had two daughters at a young age, a husband WHO CHEATED ON HER AS WELL, a daughter who's had a difficult start with life and you're critizing her because she's made some mistakes? I've cheated on a guy, I've made mistakes but you know what, I'll grow from it and I dont think I'm any better than Leah, honestly, she's a good woman for all she's done for her daughters. Think before you speak and try to step down from that high horse to see things from her point of view, because it does make a difference.

920 days ago


well, its hard to tell anything with the TMZ on her face. How annoying.

920 days ago

nicole brown    

well maybe it was corey's friends, come n now..she screws him over and is engaged less then a year later. and pregnant!(but misscarried). she probably made a lot of enemies doing what she did to corey.

920 days ago


I read alot of these comments, and most of them are just wrong....everyone has hard times and she has it all out on tv, which she did choose, but that dont make it easy...if anything worst..and i hope everyone who wrote something bad about this girl, a girl they dont even know...has a ****ty ****ty day...thats what i think, i hope all of you get a flat tire in the rain and then as you get out to see whats wrong you fall face first in a big pile of ****...yeah thats what i think....

918 days ago


How stupid are the people on here promoting violence - Leah is a fantasic mum to those two girls alot better than some of the older mums i have seen and is a rock for that poorly daughter of hers.
He without sin may cast the first stone - if not shut up and get on with your lives leave the poor girl to hers.

918 days ago


Leah what were you thinking? You need to worry about your daughters and finish with one divorce before you start another! I'm sorry but it doesnt look like you love corey to much.

915 days ago


The last thin you need leah is another baby!!!! Maybe you shopuld practice on keeping your legs closed instead of them being opened. I was a teen mom as well and let me tell you it did not give me the liscene to be a hore. I use to feel for you now you are nothing but trash in my book.I pray to god that Corey takes those girls from you. You are selfish and stupid. GROW THE **** UP!!!!!!!

915 days ago


Amber I didnt like you from the beging and still dont like you. You are a horriable person and you do not deserve to have Gary or your daughter in your life. They should have taken your aughter from you a long time ago. I feel bad for the baby to have to have a cracked mom like you!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve everything your getting now.

915 days ago


i hope u bve ok because if that was me i would woke ass gul u bull****ing then u got a kid nd u scad of them gul get your **** togather pooh so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy getttttttttttt ittttttttttttttttttttt togatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........................................

913 days ago


poor leah

912 days ago


An older woman was one of the one's who attacked her?!?!!! Really... wow. Sounds like that older woman needs to get a life and quit beatin' up on young stupid girls. Besides, anytime 3 people jump on one person -- esp. a really young, small one like this girl -- it's pathetic. I don't know much at all about this girl besides she is on teen mom, but still.. it's pathetic.

912 days ago


What the **** who ever said to bad she wasent killed is a mother ****in bitch **** u go to hell

908 days ago


Wow. Ain't all you guys nice. I mean noone should get beat up for no reason! If i was in her situation i woould have told them to meet me somewhere and i'll get my girl's. There is noway I am gonna fight 1 on 3, unless i know i can take them.(:

898 days ago


She honestly got what she deserved. She's a cheating hoe and I applaude the ladies who put her in her place. :)

892 days ago
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