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Spike TV Host

I'm Divorcing My

Tycoon Husband

2/22/2012 4:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spike TV star Courtney Hansen -- the super hot chick from "Powerblock" -- has filed for divorce from her pharmaceutical mogul husband ... TMZ has learned.

Hansen -- one of FHM's sexiest 100 in 2005 -- filed divorce docs in L.A. County Superior Court in an effort to end her 2-year marriage to Ilya Sapritsky.

In the docs, Courtney blames the split on irreconcilable differences ... and, duh, she wants spousal support.

Courtney released a statement saying ... "Marriage is extremely sacred to me, and I took honoring those vows very seriously. Unfortunately, it has become necessary for me to move on. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this time."

The split is pretty shocking, considering just last year the two were in talks to join "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."



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Super Hot??! on what planet? white girls PLEASE stop injecting your lips! Her mouth looks like a vagina...yuck!

974 days ago


Hate how people can just leave the comment without caring about the public responsibility. Everything has two sides, it's not fair to judge her by the surface phenomenon. Marriage is such a private business, how could any third-party be so clear about what really is the matter? Nobody would want to see this thing happened to themselves, she must be very sad now. Hope she can get through all the troubles soon. Really like to see her smile in the show. Speaking of the entertainment media, they are like the fishermen, their biggest desire is to hook up the reader's gossip desires. You lose if you took it seriously.

974 days ago


Courtney is one of the most genuine, kind, and fun people on the planet. All who know her will agree that she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She doesn't deserve to be your punching bag everyone. Go see a shrink if you've got issues. Don't take it out on people who you don't even know and who don't deserve it while you hide behind your screen. Thank goodness for karma because you all have another thing coming for you! Gross!

974 days ago


I am a big Courtney fan. She is one of the refreshing genuine few in Hollywood. These rude posts are laughable. I feel sorry for those who are so jealous and dirty. Ignore them, focus on the support & keep Rockin Courtney!!! This will blow over & you will be stronger & better than ever!!

973 days ago


Holy Guacamole! You people have NO LIFE. Do you know her? Have you ever met her? NO because she is a cool freakin car chick. Everyone knows that she is one of the most fun loving amazing people in the biz. Every time I see her at a car event she has a great smile that could light up the universe. She is the macaroni and cheese of the chicks-if chicks were side dishes, and by that I mean-I love mac and cheese! So lay off of her all of you weird glazed carrots that nobody ever orders!

973 days ago

Sigismund smith    

What reason for Spike Host to Divorce her own husband?
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973 days ago


Courtney is an amazing, beautiful person inside & out! She truly is one of the most genuine, kind, loving, down to earth, hard working & generous people on the planet. Anyone who knows her or has met her personally or professionally would absolutely agree with this statement. She does not have a mean bone in her body & certainly does not deserve any of these ridiculous, cruel comments. This must be a very difficult time for her/them, with deep sadness & loss. You never know what others are going through - don't judge, wrongly assume, or criticize. Have compassion, & leave the mean comments out. It definitely does seem like these are just TMZ employees writing/making up these cruel comments, I can't believe anyone would actually post/think some of these things. Pathetic really.

973 days ago


i know her s***bag husband ilya. HE WAS IN REHAB FOR HEROIN ADDICTION AT PASSAGES VENTURA FEB. 2011. he cheated on her there as well as with other chicks in AA (around malibu, santa monica and the pacific palisades). he's now at rivera sober living in malibu and just relapsed on heroin. he is the biggest clown i've ever met. a big joke in the malibu area. #truth

973 days ago


ilya was at passages rehab last feb. he cheated on courtney multiplie times with chicks from rehab and malibu. he has a severe heroin addiction and relapsed about 2 months ago. he's at riveria sober living in malibu. truth#

973 days ago


OK, you cave dwelling bottom feeders...LISTEN UP!!!!! I am a very close friend of Courtney Hansen and I can assure you she is anything BUT a golddigger. What I find most gross is you lunatics thinking you have any clue about her personal life. Courtney is a very private person and extremely discreet, but I feel compelled to write in to this forum? and assure you that she fought for her marriage with every fiber of her being. Trust when I say her life went from fairytale lovestory to living a ****ING NIGHTMARE........and even when I and every single one of her closest friends hoped she would move on.........she stayed and struggled to save her marriage. THESE IGNORANT EVIL COMMENTS are laughable and untrue and so unjust. Courtney is beautiful inside and out. She is generous and kind and ridiculously intelligent. I know for a fact that she has NEVER EVER had ANY plastic surgery (simply compare videos of her from the past) She is known for her distinct sexy voice and her beauty sure, but what makes Courtney so special is that her truest beauty lies in her heart. EVERYONE that knows her knows this and Anyone that says otherwise is simply WRONG and should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES for making up bull**** lies and ripping on a girl who has done nothing but work hard and ACHIEVE in every aspect of her life. Anyone that knew the truth to why she has filed for divorce would not only agree with her decision but would commend her for it. YOU EVIL COMMENT PEOPLE especially JAMIN..... ARE JUST THAT...........EVIL COMMENT PEOPLE. YOU ARE NOTHING MORE. YOU ARE DISGUSTING....DEPLORABLE and so obviously desperate to be good at being DIP****S. YOU DO NOT KNOW HER OR WHY SHE IS DIVORCING. everyone in the world a favor and **** OFF! I think its laughable that anyone would say that Courtney Hansen married for money. SO UNTRUE. She loved Ilya with her whole heart. He WAS an amazing guy...........but as we all know...........people change and the truth i'm sure will one day be made public and when it is you freaks will hopefully feel horrible and guilty for maligning the name of one of the most real, down to earth and lovely tv. hosts on television today.

973 days ago


Only in America where you can be married for a year and then expect to be set for life cos things didn't work out. As the line goes "its all about the Benjamin's baby"...

973 days ago


I don't know about all this stuff, but i love watching Courtney. I watched her on all of her shows starting with Overhaulin. Destination Wild was cool. Powerblock is dope and Vinsetta Garage is the ****. She's hot and seems cool and from reading some of the posts about her husband, Ilya Sapritsky, Courtney probably deserves every red cent she gets from him. I mean what a moron. Your gonna be a **** and **** up a marriage with this intensely hot car chick? I state for all the stand up guys who dig cars: Ilya you must be a real idiot. Courtney any dude would be extremely lucky to be with you. Sorry you chose this ****head to marry.

973 days ago


It is nice to see Courtney taking the high road in the wake of this garbage. I have worked with her for years & she's an angel. She is also the hardest working gal I know & does plenty well for herself. Let's assume posts here like #46 & #47 are true about her soon to be ex. Would you not divorce him? Come on. If alimony is all he has to pay for all the s%#@ he dished her he's lucky! Hey there are plenty of guys who would love to treat her the way she deserves. I know she was crazy about him & we all felt he was the luckiest guy. But he must have changed. We love you Court!

973 days ago


No one should get "spousal support" EVER! You're not entitled to a certain way of life. Once you separate communal assets, then GO AWAY! No doubt she married him for his money. She wants him gone, but still wants his income and lifestyle. That's not a divorce!

973 days ago


Ridiculous... I can't believe some of these comments. But if comments 46 and 47 are true (which it seems clear they must've known him personally)...then seriously...CAN YOU BLAME HER? She should divorce him...

973 days ago
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