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Javaris Crittenton

Popped in Porsche

Too Fast, Too Furious

2/22/2012 10:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA star Javaris Crittenton was arrested outside Atlanta this morning -- after he allegedly shattered the speed limit in his black Porsche ... then refused to cooperate with police.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Javaris was pulled over for going over 60 in a 45 -- and when the cop wrote up the ticket ... Javaris refused to sign it, something you have to do to acknowledge receipt of the citation.

As a result, we're told the officer asked Javaris to step out of the vehicle -- and Javaris refused again.

We're told words were exchanged -- and after the officer reasoned with Javaris, the former NBA player agreed to step out of the car ... at which point he was placed under arrest for speeding and obstruction of an officer.

He was subsequently transported to Clayton County jail, where he is currently being processed.

Oh yeah, in case you forgot -- Javaris is also facing a MURDER TRIAL after he was charged with gunning down a 22-year-old Atlanta woman last August.


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No Avatar


Who the hell does he think he is? That NOT SIGNING the ticket would make it AND the officer go away? *******

951 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Javaris, get ready to hand over all your dough and possibly your porsche to your attorney, classy jigga

951 days ago

Mike L    

Throw his dumb ass in jail. He's proven he belongs there.

951 days ago


I hope he enjoys that ride......for now. After the lawyers bend you over you have to remember even if you win and keep your freedom then the civil judgment comes in and takes away your money. Enjoy it while it lasts because it doesn't sound like it's going to laugh much longer. And to think all you had to do was sign the stupid tickets, you're not very bright are you?

951 days ago


Stupid is as Stupid does....

951 days ago


efore we jump all over javaris, i will just say i bet that JEALOUS cop knew who he was and his pending issues when he ran his license plates, And no question knows if he harass and mess with javaris who will get the benefit of the doubt.

My guess javaris didn't want to sign that ticket because he knew he wasn't speeding, but driving a porsche will automatically convict you for speeding even if you wasn't, Plus its very hard to gain any sympathy or be believe when you have a pending trial coming up

Note to javaris!! next time just sign the ticket and TRY to TAPE the encounter on your phone, and after you can file that harassment charge.

951 days ago


Kaaka, you are full of Kraap! You and this idiot are the kind that will hollar "Boo Hoo Cause I'm Black Crap" if moron Javaris got his dumb azzzz shot. Tell your buddy Javaris to shut up and take the ticket like the rest of us and try & get therapy for his love of jail!

951 days ago


2 questions.........1) how is this dude not in jail already? 2) this dude was an absolute bum in the nba. how does he have enough $ to own such an expensive porsche?

951 days ago


Dang, what is this guy's problem? He was a good player, now he's just ruining his life non-stop.

951 days ago


Which begs the question: His name is Javaris? Seriously?

951 days ago

who cares    

Hmm not many people get bail on a murder cherge.. Seems like he got a little hollywood justice. If you are accused of gunning down someone they usually dont offer bail so why did they here? But with that said his dispute with the cop and failure to follow a lawful command then he violated his bail and should be held on no bail now. At least i hops so.

951 days ago


He was never a star in the NBA. The whole article is undermined when the first words are false...

950 days ago


If I was facing a murder trial, I would act like a perfect angel..now he is going to have to pay more to get out of jail, and the ticket would have been cheaper..

950 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Javis knows that as smooth as a porshe, makes speeding possible. In any event, I was accused of sppeding by a wickenburg, AZ female COP in my diesel Mercedes. The accusation was incorrect and the event was a set up with a couple working as a decoy. The speed limit was 25 in a city zone. My 78 Diesel is slow and I was obeying the speed limit but the officer accused me of speeding of at least fifty or sixty mph. Reality, someone in the police enforcement is being unethical and just plain lying. In your case with a fast porsche and eighteen inch tires, accused of speeding is inevitable.

950 days ago


Some people can't get out of their own way. WHAT A DUMBASS!! Signing a ticket vs. spenmding a night in jaiil and adding to the charges. How has this idiot lived as long as he has. If he's convicted on the shooting(which he probably will be with as much sense as he has shown here) his ass will die in jail for being stupid there as well.

950 days ago
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