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Pilar Sanders

Sues Deion for $200 MIL

I'm Not a Gold Digger!!!

2/22/2012 11:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pilar Sanders says her estranged husband Deion and his daughter Deiondra mind-tricked her into believing she really is a "worthless, gold diggin' ho" ... so she's suing them both for $200 MILLION.

The suit was clearly triggered by Deiondra's Twitter rant earlier this month ... in which she trashed Pilar as a "gold diggin' h*e" ... and publicly accused her of cheating on Deion.

In her lawsuit, Pilar claims Deiondra and Deion have been attacking her with various "emotional weapons" for years ... including dominance, humiliation, isolation, threats, intimidation, denial and blame.

Pilar claims the Twitter rant was just another example of the humiliation she was forced to endure during the marriage ... adding, "[Deion and Deiondra] even persuaded [Pilar] that she was and is worthless, a 'gold diggin' ho, and that no one else would want her."

Pilar also claims the two would intimidate her by leaving various weapons on display around the house and "hurting pets."

The details of the alleged animal abuse are not explained in the suit.

Pilar is demanding $150 MILLION in punitive damages and $50 mil in actual damages. Her attorney Larry Friedman tells TMZ Pilar also wants a public apology -- and adds ... she "passed a polygraph test confirming" she didn't cheat on Deion.

Meanwhile, the divorce proceedings are still underway.

Deion's lawyer Jody Johnson says Pilar's suit is bogus -- and added, "Continued efforts to extort money and negatively impact the children will not be rewarded by Mr. Sanders." She also says Deion is looking forward to a "quick and private resolution of the divorce."

Something about ships sailing comes to mind.

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this woman is so delusional. with every additional far-fetched claim she cries to tmz about i feel worse and worse for deion sanders and his family who have to put up with this b.s.

she's embarassing herself really though, just making it more clear why he's divorcing her - as if anyone was wondering why now.

883 days ago


What a desperate POS! She signed a pre-nup, a legal contract, to settle for, I believe, a million dollars. You signed it, own it, and move on. This old hag is now resorting to lawsuits (lies) that will be thrown out of court. She still lives in HIS mansion too. She is a nut job and all of her future husband "prospects" will be running away fast. I'm sure she has a camera on one of her phones - where are the pictures of the weapons (she will probably stage them)? Any notes attached?! The answer is no, because she is a lying, gold digging POS. If all these bad things are happening in the house - move out! I'm sure he will pay your rent. Get a job while you're at it!!

883 days ago


This woman is obviously mentally unwell and desperate for money. I try not to take sides in these sorts of thing because you never know what goes on behind closed doors but the more this goes on the more this woman just sounds like a gold-digging crazy woman. She gives a bad name to women who actually have issues with domestic violence and abusive men.

883 days ago

Kris in NYC    

those are some pretty hefty accusations there! threatening by leaving weapons around and harming pets?!?! Better have solid proof, and if you do, that is disgusting... BUT - my gut tells me it hurts hearing the truth, and I think she just proved to everyone she IS a gold digging h*e by demanding $200 MILLION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

883 days ago


she should marrie Bobbie Brown , then she could really talk about abuse .
Staying in the house is prove enough that he was not abusive . if a human feels afraid of another and is treated like she claims he did , this person leaves as soon as she can and she could force him to pay a hotel if he was really that abusive lmao She should go to jail . i am pretty sure he is a better father than she will ever be as a mother

883 days ago


Enough already, if you are not NUTZ you are surely headed down that road, LEAVE, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, you are not going to get know more MONEY!!!

883 days ago


Well, I don't see her hangin' with no broke, uh...African Americans.

883 days ago

Deborah O'Donnell    


883 days ago


This is beyond RETARDED. What did she ever do to deserve this. Its HIS money, these US courts are not even worth commenting on...

883 days ago


LOL! This woman is insane! We know from that little fight recording a few weeks back, that Pilar isn't exactly the mild-mannered victim she claims to be. And if she was being emotionally abused for so many years, why didn't SHE file for divorce? She IS a gold digger, and she's proved that time and time again.

883 days ago


Somebody tell her her poon-tang ain't worth 200 million. If the daughter hated you, that says it all.

883 days ago


"i am not a gold digger.now watch me as i sue my ex for 200mil"

883 days ago


Earth to Pilar, Earth to Pilar, there's no way Deion even has two hundred million. I would be shocked if he even had half of that amount. I guess you can ask for the moon but it doesn't mean you're going to get it. Best of luck with that....pathetic.

883 days ago


She has realized that she has ruined her chance of dating another high profile individual, so she is going for the gold, i.e., gold digging h*e tactics. She will soon realize the judge will throw her claim out of court and revoke the 1 million prenup....

883 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This bitch knows the court is going to uphold the prenuptial agreement. I hope that bitch gets very little as a result of the prenup. This disgusting animal doesn't deserve a dime. I can't believe Sanders had this disgusting prostitute living in his home with his children. Even if the bitch is very good looking - she isn't worth bringing her around your kids.

Too bad this bitch will eventually get some money out of this - this is the kind of bitch we all hope would end up dirt poor - but the bitch is too good looking for that. Plenty of men willing to pay for that piece of ass.

Of course I hope they only hit it and quit it because that is all she is worth - just a piece of ass to violate - nothing more.

883 days ago
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