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Andre Agassi Prep School

Allegations of Racism

2/23/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andre Agassi College Prep Academy
The Nevada prep school named after and founded by Andre Agassi has been sued by a former biology teacher who claims he was treated like crap and FIRED because he's black.

TMZ has obtained the lawsuit filed by James Holmes Jr. -- who claims he was hired to teach 9th and 10th grade biology at Andre Agassi College Prep Academy in 2005.

According to his suit, things went smoothly for the next 3 years ... until the school hired a new principal in 2008 ... who allegedly favored white teachers.

James claims the principal refused to let him travel to a science conference ... blaming it on budget restraints. But James claims he later discovered the school head DID have funds reserved for other teachers who wanted to attend conferences ... and they all happened to be white.

James also claims the principal denied his request for new lab materials due to budget restraints ... only to find out the lab materials were ordered for two white teachers instead.

According to the suit, James says he filed a complaint with the school ... but officials retaliated by firing his ass and replacing him with a substitute elementary school teacher who wasn't certified to teach science courses.

James is demanding at least $75k in damages. Andre is not personally named in the suit.

A rep for the Academy tells us, "We will aggressively defend the suit because the case is baseless and without any merit."

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No Avatar


They don't want you there because they think you might steal their way of molesting these kids!!! Run brother run!!!!

911 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Why doesn't he get deported back to Africa?

911 days ago


Its 12 noon on the east coast. Rise and shine east coast black people.

911 days ago


Whats with all the racism? Black people are just like normal people and should be treated as such.

911 days ago


I read this post with an open mind trying to understand the plaintiffs reactions based on the facts given in this article. I like none of you can conclude based on this teachers belief alone that the principles actions were done merely because of racism because there are two sides to every story.
It is appalling and disgusting the clearly biased stance most of the authors in the comment section have clearly taken In response to this mans case.

911 days ago


We have not heard the school's side of the story. The complaint sounds legit to me. There are times when the race card is thrown around, but I think this one sounds more believable. Racism still happens today. Obviously, it needs to be investigated before we can make a judgement of who is in the wrong.

911 days ago


They hired him because he was black, they fired him because he was useless.

911 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

TMZ failed to mention that this school focuses on attracting minority students. For this guy to claim he was discriminated against in an environment where the entire focus is to improve minority education is flabbergasting.

911 days ago


I honestly don't understand why black people always cry racism. If anything they have the world handed to them on a silver ****ing platter. A black kid can have ****ty grades and still get a free ride to college because he's black. Affirmative action means you're guaranteed a job even if you're not qualified for it. Black men don't even have to bother supporting their hordes of bastard children because my tax dollars do it for them. So I really don't want to hear complaints of racism.

911 days ago


From 1981 to 1997, the United States Department of Agriculture discriminated against tens of thousands of African American farmers, denying loans provided to white farmers in similar cir***stances. The discrimination was the subject of the Pigford v. Glickman lawsuit brought by members of the National Black Farmers Association, which resulted in two settlement agreements of $1.25 billion in 1999 and of $1.15 billion in 2009.[40]

911 days ago


I hate the whole race card thing, it goes both ways however, why is the NWACP and the United Negro College Fund not racist? If we had a white mans college fund, and an all white awards show and an all black tv station would that not be racist?

911 days ago


racist- ask the espn eployees about racism. they didnt think they were being racist. maybe just maybe he was harrassed and bullied because of his race, uhmmm people of all colors are subjected to this everyday in school and work just part of the way the world runs when hate is allowed to continue.

911 days ago


Maybe the teacher sucked at teaching....ever think of that?

911 days ago


you effing racist piece of sh#T. W

911 days ago


Most white people get ahead because of cronysm, nepotism, racism and "legacy" recruiting and hiring. See George Bush at Harvard, John McCain at West Point, etc)

911 days ago
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