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'Biggest Loser '

The Show Must Go On ...


2/23/2012 12:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Biggest Loser" has trimmed some serious fat ... TMZ has learned TWO of the contestants who walked off the set this week have been cut loose for good ... and the show will continue without them.

TMZ has obtained photos taken today at the "Loser" ranch ... where production has resumed following a mass mutiny this week. TMZ broke the story ... several competitors stormed off the show in protest after getting word about a possible game "twist" that would give previously eliminated losers a shot at the $250k prize.

Sources connected to the show tell us ... producers are considering using the mutiny as a story point.

NBC is still refusing to comment on the situation.


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Barbara Butner    

I have watched every season and this is the worst.. Condo surely needs to go, she is the poison that spreads each week.. what a little twit she is...she needs an attitude adjustment and a lesson on human behavior... Kim too.. I think she would be fine without Conda.... Not enjoying this season at all. Too bad the rest of the "Adults" are acting like children...not a leader among them for sure.

970 days ago


I say boot the entire cast of ungrateful sourpusses from the show and *reboot* with some earnest folks with a penchant for bettering themselves who are grateful for the privilege of being coached by tier-one trainers.

NBC took a terrific program that afforded us inspirational, high-integrity people whom we enjoyed rooting for as they transformed their lives *and torpedoed it* into a veritable Lord of the Flies, replete with conniving, whining, pig-headed human beings rooting in the dramatic sludge of reality TV -- wallowing in the messes they create as these bitter pills (Conda, Jeremy, Cruella Kim, Chism, his shameful father et al) blame others for the messes they themselves create!

Conda's suggestion she wanted to physically kick a fellow contestant was appalling! And this woman's bringing children into this world? What sour, racist souls. I'm disgusted that so many well-intentioned viewers have had to endure the toxicity of this season and its juvenile cast of characters.

I feel cheated. I'll watch to see whom they booted, but the balance of the black-shirted team was complicit in this ugliness, and deserve to be gone as well.

NBC did the right thing in getting get rid of two of those losers, but frankly, these whiners should all be replaced with people who are on TBL in the true spirit of the show -- to work toward a healthier, more productive quality of life.

970 days ago


You do know that these shows are filmed months in advance and this drama would have happened months ago and been "leaked" now to get atttention right?

970 days ago


Let there be no mistake we don't care if they've walked off. Replace these bullies with a new storyline. I'm hoping Conda&Kim are among them. I want to watch people who are more interested in losing weigh than being nasty Jr. high bullies. ****PRODUCERS DON'T LET THESE BULLIES CONTROL WHAT WAS A GOOD SHOW*******

970 days ago


Rulon QUIT. These spoilt ungrateful contestants walked off and refused to participate believing that if production was held up the producers would be forced to cave to thier demands. They believed that they controlled the show. There is no doubt that Conda was behind the walk off. Also I bet when the other contestants realised that Conda DID NOT weild the power she believed she did they ran back as fast as there legs would carry them. I will bet that Conda is one of the one's fired. They producers maybe ok with the drama she cause but the would NOT take kindly to her trying to bully them. I think her brother may be the other one. Only because I can't see him staying once she was gone. Who else would he hide behind.

970 days ago


I was a big fan of the biggest loser, but this season they all still look fat after 8 weeks and I feel like Conda and Kim are somewhat racist. And its seems like Kim just trying to get laid by Duvet, what happened to the show??

970 days ago

Eileen Jacobellis    

I have watched Biggest Loser from the start. This season has the most disgusting participates on there - lazy, bigoted, dim witted people. I will no longer watch the show the rest of the season. Let's hope next season Biggest Loser will return to normal people who will appreciate being able to be part of the show.

970 days ago


I thought last season without Jillian was hard to watch, but I think this wins, though I haven't watched since week 3. Sadly it seems as if this show has gone from being about getting healthy and losing weight to playing the game like every other reality/game show. What a disappointment.

970 days ago


If Conda and Kim are not the two that left I am done with the show...I cannot take even one more of Kim's Grinch grins or Conda's eye rolls...still may not watch bc the rest of them were as helpful as sheep following them around mindless to them cruelly belittling and bullying the other contestants! Whole season is a bust! Hope those two enjoy their lives after BL their performance has reached epic proportions in disgusting behavior. Cannot believe they are parents....

970 days ago


I am pretty sure that it was Conda and her brother that walked off and the producers have told them good-bye forever. It has also been reported that 2 others followed may have been the youth pastor (although from his attitude I have doubts he could have been any kind of church going person) Don't know the 4th person if any.

970 days ago


I swear I hope it is Conda. She is really annoying and as much as I love this show I have stopped watching it because of her and her menions!!! They need a whole new set of people. I have never seen this show the way it is today. I am disgusted they made the twist and turns with so much drama because in the past seasons I swear I do not remember it being this way. Perhaps they push all of them off the show and get a whole new set of people cause these people they have now are clearly ungrateful ignorant idiots.

970 days ago


They have the biggest cry-babies this season! Hope Aqua team wins the at home since everybody treated them bad.

969 days ago

Edna B    

This has been the worst season. I watch it but I don't enjoy it. People like Kim and Conda shouldn't be on Biggest Loser I don't care how fat their butts r. I hope next season will be better.

969 days ago


Nancy need start telling conda to stop talking and listen not Adrain.

969 days ago


Hoping its Conda, Kim, Jeremy and Mark - Good Bye and Good riddance

969 days ago
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