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Brooke Mueller

Charged with

Coke Possession

2/23/2012 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has been charged with felony possession of cocaine with intent to distribute stemming from her December 2 arrest in Aspen, Colorado ... TMZ has learned.

Brooke has been charged with one count of having MORE than 4 grams of cocaine  ... but prosecutors have covered themselves by filing another count -- possessing LESS than 4 grams, in case there's a problem with the measurement.

The amount of coke Brooke allegedly possessed determines the penalty ... if she's convicted.  For more than 4 grams, Brooke could face 6 years in prison.  For less than 4 grams, she'd face 18 months in prison.  But the reality is ... since she would be a first time offender, she'd almost certainly get probation.

Brooke is also charged with assaulting a woman earlier that night ... which allegedly resulted in bodily injury.


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this isn't news.

news would be if brooke was caught WITHOUT coke.

935 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Question: How many times can a celeb get away with doing whatever they want? Answer: As many times as they want because money talks and bull§h!t walks...

935 days ago

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935 days ago


This sounds many hours will she actually do?

935 days ago


Well, when you lay down with dogs, you're gonna get fleas. Ain't that right, Chuckles Sheen??

935 days ago

Lady Juliette    

Hey.....that rehab is really working well isn't it Brooke. She's not going to stop till she really hits bottom and wants to stop. Don't waste our time on her or yours reporting on her "slip ups."

935 days ago

Ozzie X    

In celebrity terms, probation and a fine.

935 days ago

the return of Pinhead    

Seriously just OD, you are nothing more than a junkie. And I'm suppose to be concerned because you are who?????????????????

935 days ago


glad to see that rehab worked and also that she is out snorting coke again... where are the twins?

935 days ago


An 8 ball is intent to distribute? My lord.

935 days ago


Somehow I kind of doubt that Brooke will do 6 years in the state penitentiary. She might have to do 6 months in the county jail and then 5 years of probation with a hell of a lot of community service hours.

She'll probably be on the "Lindsay Lohan program" where she has to scrub nasty smelling toilets, take out the trash, pick up trash, mop floors, sweep up and basically do any dirty job the probation people can think of. Maybe at the morgue too. If Lindsay can do it, then so can Brooke.

Brooke grew up in a wealthy family like P@ris Hilton I hear. She's probably had cleaning ladies around to do the household chores that all the rest of the women in America have to do. She's probably not going to like being on probation too much.

She's going to actually get her hands dirty and might even break some of her nails! Horrible! She'll be doing community service waay longer than P@ris did because of Brooke's more serious charges. They're gonna work her like s dog I bet. Poor Brooke.

935 days ago



935 days ago


Ooopsie, WINNING!!

935 days ago


Why do these celebrities get 50 million chances and the average guy on the street gets sent straight to jail? Time to overhaul the legal system.. one system for all.

935 days ago


Well, we know one thing.....she's not going to jail. Brooke has already been to rehab so she'll get probation for a few years, if that. That will be the end of it until she get high again and do something else stupid.

935 days ago
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