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Dr. Conrad Murray's GF

Please Release Him ...

He's a Good Dad

2/23/2012 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
's girlfriend is begging the court to let him out of jail pending his appeal ... claiming he's a "good father" to their toddler.

Nicole Alvarez -- who played the femme fatale during the trial -- filed a declaration of support for Murray today ... in which she says if Murray is released he will live with her and their 2-year-old son in Santa Monica.

It's not the most powerful or emotional letter. Alvarez says, "Dr. Murray is the father of my child" -- and adds ... he "has been our primary source of support."

It's unclear how much support Murray can provide now -- considering his medical license has been revoked.

Murray's hearing for bail pending appeal of his manslaughter conviction is scheduled for tomorrow morning in downtown L.A. 


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Barb. A.    

CM has been denied

868 days ago

charlies balls    

such a GREAT dad who has not supported many other kids out there? keep the lowlife where he is.

868 days ago


Since his medical license was revoked, you should probably refer to him as "Mr. Murray."

Sorry your meal ticket is in jail, maybe you should put your "instrument" to work. You're probably still qualified to go back to the stripper pole. If not -- you can brush up on the handy phrase, "would you like fries with that?"

868 days ago


And what does she think Murray is going to stay with her, just look at his past history!!!

868 days ago


I knew this dumb ass couldn't just stfu..HEY STUPID there are plenty of good dads in PRISON...and some didn't even KILL! Michael had 3 CHILDREN you narcissistic BITCH!

868 days ago

Kimmy Ef    

Are you and Oh WEll related?????

868 days ago

Kimmy Ef    


You are so funny!!!

868 days ago

Kimmy Ef    


Seriously though...can you explain why it is that you continue saying the same thing for three years straight ands pending so much energy on someone you hate so much?

868 days ago


Michael also was a good father
Murray may be a good father but not a good doctor!

868 days ago


He's a great dad...just a crappy doctor who needs to serve his sentence like every bloke in the pen with him.

868 days ago


He "has been our primary source of support."

Sometimes being nothing more than a ho backfires, lady.

868 days ago


So she basically has no job, no intention of getting one, and she wants her meal-ticket back. Get a job lady!

868 days ago


Lets see here:

1. Murray is married and has children by his wife.

2. Murray (as far as we know) has 7 girlfriends &
children by many of them.

3. During the trial, there were 2 more perspective women
to whom he tried to start a relationship with.

4. He is way behind in his child support payments to his
children now, as well as all his Legal Expenses incurred
for the trial and since then, his past mortgage
payments, past fees on his licenses & insurances, etc.

Now, how does this equate into being "A Good Father"?? A Good Father, pays up on his child support (if required) and is always there for his children. And what does the "Instrument" think - that Murray is going to be Loyal to her alone?? She is as DENSE IN THE HEAD as Murray is!! Hello!!! He has a Wife! And to our knowledge 7 other Girlfriends and children with some of them!! Leopards Do Not Change Their Spots!!

I think that the "Instrument" should just Shut The Hell Up and Go Get a Job and fend for herself and her child! She is making a Bigger Fool out of herself with her actions and comments! But then, "Mama Always Said - Stupid Is - Is What Stupid Does!!"

868 days ago


I do agree with her, in my opinion MJ did it al by himself.
That is verry sad indeed, but he was old and wise enough to know he himself was messing with his life doing al kind of mixed drugs. Think of Elvis, Amy and even Whitney & others who made it to the top. The Jackson family are more to blame than Dr. Conrad. Free that man!
Peace & Love from the Netherlands ...>"."<...

867 days ago


Nicole Alvarez needs to shut the hell up. If Conrad Murray were a good dad he would have saved Michael Jackson's life so Paris, Prince, and Blanket would have their father with them.

866 days ago
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