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Chris Brown

Exercises Right to Remain Silent

on Phone-Snatching Accusation

2/24/2012 3:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown
was asked squarely for the first time -- Did he steal a Florida woman's cell phone?

Brown -- who was in Orlando -- was mum on the subject, but the freelance photog had some choice words for the silent Brown.

24-year-old Christal Spann filed a police report last Sunday -- claiming the singer snatched her phone right out of her hands when she tried to take a picture of him ... then drove away.

We posted a video this morning, showing an agitated Christal describing the incident to police ... just moments after the alleged phone-jacking.

The case is under criminal investigation.


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I'll bet he's cursing Alexander Graham Bell right about now.

969 days ago

tony gee    

This bitch will surely be a bit silenced by this unexpected felony. Hahaha 4 years in jail would make her ***** more accepting and I will bet that she will like taking it from behind. ****!

969 days ago


Chris should have turned around and whooped the reports ass!! Yep, since he wanted to be funny talk sh cause he had back up like most of you cowardly bastards on here. If you were face to face without an audience you wouldn't say 'NOTHING!" It's amazing how much courage you have when you are behind a keyboard....mindyoowndamnbusiness

969 days ago


Look at all the black trash defending him. Run along now boy and go cash your welfare check so you can buy more crack.

969 days ago


1) IMO, Chris snatched the young lady's iphone.

2) My question: On any given day Chris has his picture all over the net. His words to the young lady was "you will never put that picutre on the internet or something like that. WHY????

3) I firmly believe Chris was doing someting in the backseat of that car he had no business doing when the young lady snapped his pic. I also believe the young lady just thought she was taking his picture which is why he snatched her phone from her. He probably broke the phone and threw it away which is why he's keeping his mouth shut now.

5) His dumb ass should go to jail since he violated his probation. People were warming up to him again and he just won a Grammy. This dude take 1 step forward and 3 back. SMH.

969 days ago


LOL....meant 4 not 5.

969 days ago


I think he feels empowered because Rihanna has been joining him on projects. See? She still thinks I'm okay! I'm cleared of all wrongdoing now. I'm invincible again. Foolishness squared.

969 days ago

Painter Pete    


WILL FOLKS REALIZE sticking camera's in someone's face IS INVASIVE RUDE & WRONG? It's NOT about ill-mannored Chris, it's RESPECT. Celebs are NO different than us. This world is so F-ed up w/ this camera phone sh*t, people forgot to ASK to take pictures. The DUMB BITC# SHOULD have her phone snatched weather Ur a Chris Brown fan or not. Maybe she'll ASK him like a human being next time. SMDH

969 days ago

why yall hate us blacks    

So if Chris brown go's to jail..which more than likely wont happen because he's a growing millionaire as we post(thanx to tmz and other blogs)#team breezy!!!...I wonder which black man or woman will you haters try to trash next.....lets see will it Beyonce or another rapper???whitney Houston,michael Jackson,o.j Simpson,michael Vick, matter what yall believe about Chris brown he'll still be rich and on top...whats 4 years of jail to him...atleast he'll have a vacation away from all of you judgmental ass wholes

969 days ago


Look at Chris Brown you know he really wanted to steal that sista's Iphone at that tape end of the clip!

969 days ago

Throwback kid    

This guy Brown really is a coward! He only gets tough with girls. He talks all ghetto tough but he has probably never been in a fight before. If it was a guy who was about 215 lbs who lifted weights who took the picture would Brown have taken the camera? Of course not, then he would actually have to fight and he would get his a-s-s kicked. That's why he likes to keep the odds in his favor and only picks on girls. I always say, there is no bigger coward than a man who beats a woman, how does this punk look in the mirror?

969 days ago


Men that can't control themselves are The Least Attractive Of All. It shows that he is childish aka not very manly. Icky, dude. Again.

969 days ago


Go stick your phone in some stranger's face and see if they dont do more than just take it. I swear theres something about being behind a computer screen that makes people forget what humans are truly like.

969 days ago


Just a Dumb Azz

969 days ago

why yall hate us blacks    

Lol I "tmz" is still mad that they had to pay millions of dollars that they'll never get back again and had to cut alot of workers jobs over in order to get those pictures jayz and Rihanna had release to the media just to get Chris brown into this mess he's in now with you hater....after all Rihanna only did it to get Chris brown in trouble ...if some abuse you why would you rans back in the studio and make a song with them!!!!now if she got abuse by him why would she go back after 3 tell me dammit

969 days ago
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