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"The Artist" Dog Uggie

Fetch Me An Oscars Invite!

2/24/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Uggie -- the adorable, four-legged, scene-stealing star of "The Artist" -- dropped in to talk about a real crime ... why he is canine-non-grata at the Oscars!! Ok, his trainer did most of the talking, but you've got to see Harvey's plea to get Uggie an invite.

Plus, "Xena: Warrior Princess" Lucy Lawless calls in from high atop the oil rig she and  Greenpeace took over ... and talks about her team's first run-in with the cops that will soon arrest them.

And, Chris Brown could be in deep you-know-what -- we've got video of his accusers telling cops about the alleged phone snatching ... and everyone agrees they sound believable.


(2:05) The women accusing Chris Brown of stealing an iPhone sound totally believable -- which spells big trouble for him.
(11:15) Uggie -- the canine star of "The Artist" -- is here!!! His owner explains how the dog beat major odds to be a star.
(15:52) Uggie ... not invited to the Oscars!
(17:30) Adorable pet tricks time.
(18:50) Harvey's heartfelt plea to get Uggie to the Oscars ... which ends with Uggie thanking Harvey with his teeth.
(20:28) The most adorable throw to a break EVER.
(21:31) Lucy Lawless calls in from the oil tanker that she and her Greenpeace pals took over!
(23:50) Lucy's first run-in with cops.
(40:00) Why Tyler has refused to watch the Oscars for the last 13 years.
(42:02) Lightning round -- Danica Patrick's crash, DMX rips Drake, and Justin Bieber's issue with beaver.


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Hey I'm a gal and definitely want to see Sasha Baron on the red carpet. Hey that would be truely exciting

969 days ago


Please... It makes no sense.
1, how close was she to CB for him to snatch the phone from the passenger seat?
2, Why is her girlfriends the Only witnesses? Come on, they were in Miami...
3, iPhone devices can be tracked. Even Siri knows this girl is lying. She isn't even as upset as her spokesperson of a friend is...
Sorry, but it isn't sticking to me..

969 days ago

Tony the Giant    

I'm saying, this man has got a mental problem. He never learns a lesson. He doesn't value his career. Hes just like his father. Somebodys gonna short change that "N" watch what I'm saying. If the Prison Mental Health Unit don't get him first.

969 days ago


haven't watched tmz live in a whhiiiile. I used to watch when it was just harvey and some of the staff chatting. What the hell is this new format with them taking these weird breaks every few minutes???? Its horrible. And they just sit there, still staring at the camera, but not talking for some reason. Sucks balls. bring back the old tmz live

969 days ago


Uggie--Any comments on the feud with Hugo Star Blackie?

969 days ago


Does Uggie have anything to say about his fued with Martin Scorcese???

969 days ago


Not to come to Chris Brown's defense or even justify his behavior but there needs to be a sense of fairness. This young woman got close enough to Brown for him to snatch the phone while seated in his car! I understand that fan sometimes don't know boundaries and he had to learn to respond to situations better but when do we hold fans accountable for encroaching on a celebrities personal space?

969 days ago


No, DMx is just bitter that Drake makes more than he does

969 days ago


Does Harvey understand how irrating his little guessing games are? Someone will ask a celeb a question and then Harvey wastes time trying to guess what there response was....VERY IRRATING!

969 days ago


Get over the dog - like the doberman better anyway.

969 days ago


I don't know the guy's of the many who click a video button to come on the background is another cubicle...Dudes....clean the damn carpets.

969 days ago


does anyone really think this moron chris brown will even spend an hour in jail? or any jail time? come one people, we have all see and heard the foreboding banter whenever a celebrity breaks the law, and then they end up with 2 minutes jail time....

969 days ago


Max, you can't coast on your looks forever (even when you look as hot as you do). You need to wash your hair more often.
your Mom

969 days ago


Max, you can't coast on your looks alone (even when you look as hot as you do). You need to start washing your hair more often. Love, your Mom.

969 days ago


someone please kill him

969 days ago
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