TMZ Live "The Artist" Dog Uggie Fetch Me An Oscars Invite!

2/24/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- 'The Artist' Dog Uggie -- Fetch Me an Oscars Invite!

Uggie -- the adorable, four-legged, scene-stealing star of "The Artist" -- dropped in to talk about a real crime ... why he is canine-non-grata at the Oscars!! Ok, his trainer did most of the talking, but you've got to see Harvey's plea to get Uggie an invite.

Plus, "Xena: Warrior Princess" Lucy Lawless calls in from high atop the oil rig she and  Greenpeace took over ... and talks about her team's first run-in with the cops that will soon arrest them.

And, Chris Brown could be in deep you-know-what -- we've got video of his accusers telling cops about the alleged phone snatching ... and everyone agrees they sound believable.

(2:05) The women accusing Chris Brown of stealing an iPhone sound totally believable -- which spells big trouble for him.
(11:15) Uggie -- the canine star of "The Artist" -- is here!!! His owner explains how the dog beat major odds to be a star.
(15:52) Uggie ... not invited to the Oscars!
(17:30) Adorable pet tricks time.
(18:50) Harvey's heartfelt plea to get Uggie to the Oscars ... which ends with Uggie thanking Harvey with his teeth.
(20:28) The most adorable throw to a break EVER.
(21:31) Lucy Lawless calls in from the oil tanker that she and her Greenpeace pals took over!
(23:50) Lucy's first run-in with cops.
(40:00) Why Tyler has refused to watch the Oscars for the last 13 years.
(42:02) Lightning round -- Danica Patrick's crash, DMX rips Drake, and Justin Bieber's issue with beaver.