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Brooke Mueller Witness

I Can't Testify Against Her ...

Because I Was HAMMERED

2/25/2012 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller may have broken the law at the best possible time ... late on a Friday night -- because one of the key witnesses in her drug case tells TMZ, he was WASTED when Brooke was arrested ... and won't be able to testify against her.

A man named Keith Reineke -- one of the people on the prosecutor's list of potential witnesses in Brooke's drug case -- tells TMZ, he was put on the list because he was at the Aspen nightclub where Mueller was partying before her arrest.

But his testimony might be totally useless -- because Keith tells us, he was "completely hammered" that night ... and has very little memory of what transpired.

Keith tells us, he didn’t see Brooke with drugs nor did he see her beat anybody up -- but that certainly doesn't mean it didn't happen ... it just means the prosecution would be wasting their time putting him on the stand.

If only Brooke partied at a convent that night.


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I feel sorry for the twins....bad mother & father figure.

968 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I'm sure she doesn't have anything to worry about. It's in Colorado. If Kobe Bryant can get away with rape there I'm sure she'll be just fine.

968 days ago


There wouldn't be charges if they didn't have their case pretty well made. She is going to need someone who will take a bullet for her...and say the dope was theirs. Won't happen!

968 days ago


Well to be fair, since the story broke that she was going to be charged, they've had 24 hours to write him a big fat check. Of course he cant testify!

968 days ago


god i hate this girl... she has CHILDREN.. just another rich spoiled brat who takes NO responsibility for any of her actions...just CHOOSES to use and take all her time for herself..ME ME ME all the time.. She belongs in the ground with SHtiney Houston and the rest of the selfish addicts

968 days ago

northern gypsy    

here we go...C.S. team working their magic !!!
this one has horse shoes up her a$$...
we can only hope soon B.M. luck is going to run out !!!

968 days ago


I love her hair, but is she getting lindsays high forehead losing hair look? Drugs do that

968 days ago


How much of her outrageous child support did she pay you to forget?

968 days ago


This woman needs help! The sad thing is, she will not be able to receive help until she is ready. Hopefully before she dies.

968 days ago


Shes HOT! If she was a major druggie... thats too bad.

968 days ago



968 days ago

XpLzT Xpl0rAtioN    

PAYOFF by charlie! hope this crackhead skank gets hers can u help someone who lied about you,caused your arrest and probation as well as causing drama at your job resulting in being fired???? hey judge....REMEMBER THIS: YOU ARE AN ELECTED OFFICIAL AND CAN BE VOTED OUT!

968 days ago


PAYOFF - It certainly must be nice to be wealthy enough that the law does not apply to you.

968 days ago


Just to clear the record.... these quotes are being taken extremely out of context. There was no pay off... he simply responded to a question asked by TMZ by saying i dont know, i dont remeber, i was wasted..... this was not a answer to the state proseutors.... IT WAS AN ANSWER GIVEN TO TMZ only just to get them to leave him alone

968 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Headline should read: I can't testify against her... because I JUST GOT PAID BIG TIME! Can't blame him for suddenly going dumb in two minutes.

968 days ago
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