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Chris Brown


After Alleged Phone-Snatching

2/25/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is not so camera shy after allChris Brown's not so camera shy after all -- just hours after he allegedly snatched a girl's phone for snapping a pic of him ... the singer posed for a photo with some female fans in Miami ... BEAMING HIS FACE OFF.

The pic was snapped outside the valet after the Heat/Magic game on Sunday -- and the lady on the right tells TMZ, CB was extremely nice during their brief interaction.

Chris had left American Airlines Arena early to beat the crowd -- but our source stopped him to say she's a big fan. When he heard this, they chatted briefly and Chris agreed to take the picture.

If you notice, CB's wearing the same chain he wore to Miami's Cameo nightclub the night before (below) -- when he allegedly snatched the girl's iPhone.



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i said no dammit    

To all the Chris Brown HATERS!

Chris is laughing, smiling and stilll making MILLIONS while you losers sit behind a computer on your old fast @sses praying for his demise. Half of you are probably secretly wishing you were young, talented and rich like him. Well guess what? He doesn't care what you think! as you can see he's smiling big in the pic above and all is well. Sorry he's not getting arrested like you all wished. so you can stop checking TMZ for updates. Yes, Rihanna has forgiven him and you bitter angry folks should build a bridge and get over it. Had she decided to hold on to the hurt and hate like some of you, you then would have labeled her as an "angry black woman". instead she chose love and forgiveness. some of you should try it. i bet over half of you commenting have a criminal past yourselves. Continue to live your life Chris! you have so much talent and a fan base in the millions who will FOREVER love and support you!

973 days ago


Yes, Team Breezy we're all jealous of a woman beater and a convicted felon who just violated his probation. Get real!! There are plenty of well known role models we can look up to- who haven't beaten women.

You are delusional.

973 days ago



Having people take your photo all the time comes with being a celebrity. Additionally, it has been reported that Brown was with two white blonde groupies ( I posted the photo on another thread) and he was angry that the woman had taken a photo of them with him. You are delusional if you don't think celebs get snapped at all times of day.

973 days ago


He is seriously bipolar! I hope Rihanna isn't back together with him....if she is, it will be only a matter of time before she is beaten and bruised once again.

973 days ago


I See that in the US beat a woman = kill someone !! And beat a man is just nothing important! And men defend it!

973 days ago


people are acting like this boy just killed somebody!! I didn't see this hate towards Casey Anthony!!

973 days ago


He's a celeb with money. Of COURSE, he's all smiles! He knows he'll get away with it just like everything else. Duh!

973 days ago


Oh, so now he's doing staged photos? Funny how all of a sudden he has time to pose for pics with "adoring" fans. All the damage control on earth isn't going to change your image CB. You've shown your true colors time and time again. Eventually, someone is going to catch on and throw your happy ass in the slammer. Maybe then you'll have some time to think about your bad behavior.

973 days ago


why did he change his shirt after a few hours?

973 days ago


Of course people want his parole yanked. Those are the people who make all year what he makes in one day. In America your innocent until proven guilty. Also put your.self in his shoes if some wildn broad was in your face about to create drama and spin a picture like a Harlem globtrotter spins a basketball to milk him for money could you blame him. IF found guilty. Head up breezy **** these haters who are so bitter they didn't follow their dreams they hate on someone who had the marbles to do it.

973 days ago


That chain is gross--but then so is he.

973 days ago


I hope whoever sells Chris Brown a new IPhone will let us know. Cause you just know he is going to pay them off and buy her a new phone. Oh I forgot, he will probaly send a lacky to purchase it so that his name won't be involved. THAT is why he is smiling. He just didn't know about or expect the video of the girls talking to the police. HaHaHaHahahahah

973 days ago


pearls before swine . . .

973 days ago


nothing but a useless ******

973 days ago


PEOPLE WHAT HAS THIS MAN DONE TOO YOU? Nothing at all.To bad you cant except the fact that RIRI played a role in what happened between the two of them.MOTHERS DO YOU REALLY TELL YOUR SONS THAT WHATEVER A WOMAN DOES TO THEM ITS OKAY?AND THAT THEY ARE A REAL MAN BECAUSE THEY TOOK HITS, SLAPS AND GETTING HIT WITH HEELS.Your child cannot defend their person? COME ON NOW, TIME TO STOP THE MADNESS....

973 days ago
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