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Chris Brown


After Alleged Phone-Snatching

2/25/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is not so camera shy after allChris Brown's not so camera shy after all -- just hours after he allegedly snatched a girl's phone for snapping a pic of him ... the singer posed for a photo with some female fans in Miami ... BEAMING HIS FACE OFF.

The pic was snapped outside the valet after the Heat/Magic game on Sunday -- and the lady on the right tells TMZ, CB was extremely nice during their brief interaction.

Chris had left American Airlines Arena early to beat the crowd -- but our source stopped him to say she's a big fan. When he heard this, they chatted briefly and Chris agreed to take the picture.

If you notice, CB's wearing the same chain he wore to Miami's Cameo nightclub the night before (below) -- when he allegedly snatched the girl's iPhone.



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I'd sure love posing with a thug wifebeater. NOT.

939 days ago


Damage control?

939 days ago

Paulene Heathcote     

Great to see him having fun and being allowed to! Everyone leave him alone, give him a break, he is a 21 year-old guy who made a stupid mistake, he said sorry, paid the price and is trying to get on making an honest living and great music to boot! This is from a 47year-old British woman who has a 16 year-old daughter that is crazy about him and I don't blame her! He is cute and sings amazingly .

939 days ago


They had manners and asked!

939 days ago


Anyone check and see if he is trying to sell the phone on Craigslist or Ebay?

939 days ago


he is just another sheep trying to look all cool and tuff like a rapper, he a puss e tho , only puss e beat da girls

939 days ago


The dude looks like he went to the local hardware store and bought some chains by the yard. And that makes him a man! A bunch of lame a** chains around his neck. WHOA LOOK OUT!!! No matter how much this punk a** POS has materially, he will never amount to anything while on this earth. He is lacking emotionally and spiritually. And he continues to chalk up points on his Karmic record. He's kissing a** with these white girls because he "KNOWS" that just minutes before he acted inappropriately when he snatched the black girls phone. Once again your ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!! You're doing everthing backwards.
Wasn't there a situation a few years back that Chris Brown was accused of molesting a little girl?

Love, Peace, and Respect

939 days ago


He was either doing drugs or doing his friend when the girl snapped the pic that made him snap!

939 days ago

Toasty J    

Damn. Those are some ugly-ass chains around his neck.

939 days ago


aside from seeing a batter in this pic, i notice two desperate old white hags..embarrassed yet, b*****s???

939 days ago

A viewer    

Looks like he's trying hard to make it out that he hangs with his fans, so the phone snatching would seem out of place for such a friendly, touchy, nice guy. You aren't fooling anyone, desperate, attention- starving, hyper-active, woman beater, no talent loser.

939 days ago


i actually thought give Brwn a chance but he is just a douche bag. He hasn't learned. Riri either. They Both need Mental help.

939 days ago


I thought ok. Give Dude a chance. But i knew He was just a douche. Brown and Riri Need Mental Health. Sexxx is what keeps em going back.

939 days ago


The problem with the public is that they do not know how to separate the music from the man, those women are probably taking pictures with him because they like his music and can separate his personal life. Chris Brown as an artist is phenomenal there is no short changing him, but as a man he has demons that he is fighting the only difference is that his **** is made public for everyone to see. We don't know Chris Brown as a man, we just know about a ****ing extremely bad situation that happened between him and his lover 3 years ago, no one can say anything about him based on mistake that happened because that don't define him as a man. HE WITHOUT SIN SHALL CAST THE FIRST STONE, and since myself and all of you are not without sin we cannot judge leave to God, Rihanna moved on so shall we.

939 days ago


He should give Allen Iverson a call cause i predict this kids going to be flat broke before he hits forty. Its really a shame that all this money gets throw at these young kids and no one has the smarts or b@lls to teach them hoe to keep it.

939 days ago
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