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The King & Queen

Have Arrived

2/26/2012 5:20 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Oscars: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and her black dress
Like the king and queen of the Hollywood prom, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie -- and her legs -- were among the last to arrive to the Academy Awards on Sunday.

We are not worthy.



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When I saw the leg, I said WOW. I then saw the arms, and I said someone should feed the girl. Those arms are scary thin.

968 days ago


Angelina is getting too thin. Her arms look like skeleton arms.

968 days ago


Why is she standing like that..when she presented later on she had the same stance. It looked bizarre

968 days ago


So sad that we idolize a skeleton dressed in a black velvet drape doing the captain morgan~~~~~what happened to us?

968 days ago


Any way we can shut up Billy Crystal?

968 days ago


No absolutely not a king and queen!!!

968 days ago


Brad and Angei looks absolute stunning, king and queen for sure what would the oscar be without them? NOTHING!

968 days ago


Here we go again. Angie did not break up Brad's marriage and Aniston has said this many times but no one is listening. Yeah she went through some strange times when she was rebelling from her dad. but she has grown up and is giving back to society with her charity work. She could use a little more meat on her bones but she is really a beautiful woman. I wouldn't mind looking like her with a little more weight and no tattoos. I will not judge this lady on what the gossip sites say, I will judge on her actions, and so far she has done a lot for the underprivileged and poor. I wouldn't have the stamina or the patience to adopt three kids and have three of your own. Aniston is no longer part of this picture, it's a wrap. Time to move on and give these two respect for accomplishing something that doesn't happen to often in Hollyweird. They have stayed together with six kids and haven't hurt anyone. It's people and fans of Aniston that has spread bad gossip and everyone else just fell in line and believed it.

968 days ago


Why does the media push these two goofs on us all the time?? Seriously, her leg is ugly/pasty/not toned, and he looks like a bum. Hollywood royalty?? Sheeeeiit.

968 days ago


She looks great. He looks like a greasy burger flipper.

968 days ago


To all the other real Kings and Queens, this must make you mad.

968 days ago


Am I the only one that thinks she looks ridiculous flinging her leg out like that? She did the same thing when she presented an oscar. It was laughable!!!

968 days ago

BB not bb    

To be honest, all I can think of is poor Jennifer Aniston bouncing from man to man now because Brad is so selfish. Angelina played her cards right by seducing him through her movie acting and then saddling him with kids. He was drugged and then handcuffed before he knew what hit him.

They don't impress me at all. They are plastic fake classy. Real class is sticking with your mate and not allowing someone else's to run off with you when they get annoyed over a lifestyle issue. Brad finally decided to clean up his hair for Angelina. Maybe if he did that for Jen, she wouldn't be so reluctant to have a kid with him.

Also, Angelina has had a nose job to make her nose tiny. I think her elegance is mainly fake.

968 days ago


The King and Queen of the Red Carpet? ummm no, The King and Queen of tacky white trash with money and the ability to glamorize infidelity and illegitimate children all while throwing money at other countries to try and make themselves feel better? Yes. bravo. Gross.

968 days ago

Cristina Benevides    

Note that seven to Oscar 2012. The music of "Real in Rio" to lose "or Muppet Man," for God's sake! These people who vote giving the Oscar to the best are insane. GAGAS. Damn, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio did not win an Oscar is dirty. They hate cute guys think has no value. Finish the Oscar is the age of 84 with dementia. The music and the animated film in Rio Real is beautiful. This Muppet horrible. The Americans hate Brazil. They saw the dislike of Jennifer Lopez in Rio? Fernanda Montenegro lost in time to Gwyneth Paltrow, an aberration. Gwyneth also just made this movie. Fernanda Montenegro is a Lawrence Olivier in England, with an extensive filmography and theatrical as well. Except that excites me that Angelina Jolie has the best prizes of UNICEF, the UN and UNHCR, better than that, NOTHING. And Brad won anyway with his wife more beautiful and stunning Oscar in 2012 and their six children. Better a family to whom I give my Oscar statuette (not demented) 2012. Carlinhos Brown, for us Brazilians their song was even better. They do not like foreigners.
I cried when he won Christopher Plummer and was not posthumous. Thank God he is alive. Brad Pitt was great in both films notably The Tree of Life and should have won Oscar's other earlier works like Leonardo Di Caprio (do not rely on facial beauty, the air of Don Juan - are actors SAME) and George Clooney made me rapt and connected by the movie The Descendants who served beautifully and undressed heartthrob type who is really beautiful.
I'm losing interest in this award which is Oscar insane. I see my films that I find wonderful Hugo Cabret, The Descendants, So Strong and So Close, J. Edgar, The Tree of Life, Drive, The Artist, Midnight in Paris (which only understands the film who read and know Toulouse Lautrec Ernest Heminghaw, the generation of 1920 in Paris - beautiful). and others that arise.
Oscar became a ****.
For me won in Rio Real, period.
And Glenn Close masterful.
I think they are all marked cards. Sympathy.

Cristina Benevides

968 days ago
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