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Angelina Jolie

Needs a Cheeseburger

2/27/2012 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie looked INCREDIBLY skinny at the Oscars last night.Angelina Jolie looked INCREDIBLY skinny at the Oscars last night ... too skinny ... alarmingly skinny.


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she don't look skinny she looks anorexic but why is people noticed just lasnight? I saw her last year in a magazine ads and she looks fragile that is not news for me.She was acting she likes attention ,her hubby was with his parents and she decide to show off!Also I notice she looks "old"

939 days ago


BAD photo shop job, guys. Doesn't even look CLOSE to the shot you captured from the show. Slow news day?

939 days ago


This photo is SO photoshopped, anyone who actually watched the show can see that. - and its such a bad editing job it actually doesnt even look photoshopped - looks like 'paint' or some other free amateur tool.

939 days ago


Weird....i was looking for the check box that said "homewrecking whore" need that one

938 days ago


Indeed she is so gaunt that I barely recognize her. The arms look like she is a death camp survivor. I dunno one would think once you are as good an actress as she is you wouldn't have to bow down to the anorexic chic that is expected of so many hollywierd hopefuls. This look changes her face not to mention her body is not attractive this gaunt.

938 days ago

Meg Elizabeth    

OMG, What's with Ms Jolies gorilla stance?! So unlady like.
Also looks like alot of humble pie was eaten the other night. Hope the egos were checked at the door!

938 days ago


Brad Pitt shares his bed with a skull every night. I feel sorry 4 him. Man that´s not healthy ¡¡¡

938 days ago


Angie, you went from 0 to skank in just a few years. Nothing hot, pretty, attractive, sexy about a freak like this. Enjoy your millions, but for god sakes, eat something beside red bull. The Demi Moore look isn't working for you. You're getting older....making yourself skinnier won't turn the clock back.

938 days ago


I remember my doctor saying my damage need a little fat on the body so that if ever I was to be made ​​I had the strength to get over this operation and if I'm too thin it could be very dangerous to get over this operation
Well I think Angelina would be problems

938 days ago

carla carlson    

Angelina Jolie looks very ill. I hope that is not the case. I lost a lot of weight in a short time and it was do to extreme stress.

938 days ago


Bad precedent. She does her thingy and my wife yells at me for being a slob, pesters me to hit the tracks "for tomorrow itself." No ifs and buts. I tried arguing that Jolie was on Coke. Pat comes the reply: she is on *Diet* coke, she only snorts Splenda. How can I argue with such logic?

938 days ago

Heavy C

Looks like we missed this one of Brangelina... she ALL LEGS in this one...

938 days ago


OMG! LIke we even have to ask people to state their opinion.... OBVIOUSLY her arms are too skinny, in fact her whole body is like a 14 year old girl's who hasn't hit puberty yet. Brad looks small too, standing next to her. All actors and models are generally small little people. We should not compare ourselves ever to these "fictional" characters we watch on the silver screen.

938 days ago


Poor thing! Looks like an eating disorder. Even the rich and famous have their problems. Wishing her and her family the best.

938 days ago


She is fabulous and she runs around the world doing so much! A true humanitarian. I bet she is also a great mother. I love to see her with Jane Pitt ~ because obviously Mrs. Pitt was a great mother! Brad seems to continue to be smitten with her after 7 years. I just love to see them together with the family ~ it makes me smile and believe in goodness and personal humility and strength of character. Cheers to Angelina ~ I'm sure when her life settles down she will gain a few pounds. Leave her alone ~ le livre es dans la table. (Excuse my French).

938 days ago
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