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Angelina Jolie

Needs a Cheeseburger

2/27/2012 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie looked INCREDIBLY skinny at the Oscars last night.Angelina Jolie looked INCREDIBLY skinny at the Oscars last night ... too skinny ... alarmingly skinny.


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Say It Isn't So    

Angie....Coke DOESNT do a body good....milk does, have a glass or a gallon, with a cheeseburger.

978 days ago


They don't get it. Hollywood has Mass Body Dysmorphic Disorder. They can't get thin enough and don't realize that THIS is what the result is. She spent all of last night trying to get us to look at her with that leg-pose. Well, Ang, we're looking. Now go get some stew and a biscuit.

978 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It won't be funny when she has a heart attack and ends up like Teri Shiavo. She looks to be in need of intervention, a cheeseburger isn't going to cut it.

978 days ago

Jen O.    

OMG, PEOPLE! It is possible to be genetically predisposed to being slender. I'm 5'6" and 110lbs, my dad is 6'1" and 140lbs, and my aunt is 5'8" and 115 - the height and roughly the weight of Angelina because they look similar in build. And my aunt has had two kids at a later age. People are so quick to call eating disorder on slender women but pull the genetics card on curvy or overweight women. Fkng stop!

978 days ago


Although I thought her dress was amazing and that it looked great on her, I was struck by how skeletal her face looked when she was presenting. Before I even saw how bony and frail her arms looked, I was take by how the skeletal line of her face were so clearly visibly and how very, very skinny and drawn her face looked. I definitely think she need to put on at least 10 pounds. I also notice that she did seem so much more animated and different than we usually see her at these events. She was really playing is up last night which is perfectly ok, however it just seemed out of character.

978 days ago


You know she is WAY too skinny if even TMZ(the people who think anorexic is 'hot')are saying this. Someone please get her some help!

978 days ago


Somebody needs to do an intervention to get her help. She has an eating disorder. My Mother looked this thin and she was anorexic. She wouldn't get help when confronted. They really do think there's nothing wrong with the way they look. When are people going to stop thinking that a woman needs to have a boy's figure with snap-on huge boobs? It's bizarre.

978 days ago


So many of these women have eating and "other" disorders...lets face it. Before you say I'm just jealous I weigh about 105 lbs and have for most of my 48 years. The larger difference with her was the leg posing- I for sure see more effort than ever to state her case. She used to just show up and look good....

978 days ago


Nazi concentration camp diet. At least she doesn't have "freak" arms like madonna. Amy Adams is so much prettier than angelina.

978 days ago


Angelina has looked way to skinny for a long time. Not only do the bones in her arm show, but also her collar bone, shoulder bones, and her legs are too skinny too. She needs to eat more, way more, and become a more healthy weight.

978 days ago


Exposing the back inner thigh is not attractive on anybody outside of the bedroom. It was pathetic to see her stretch out like that to get more leg shown. But her speech was even stranger, melodramatic and stilted. Don't ask her to speak again, pls.

978 days ago


@Jen O. You are correct, some people are predisposed to being very slender/skinny and they should never be ridiculed for their natural body type just like those who are 'bigger' should not. However, AJ is not one of these naturally predisposed people, she has always been slender, but not to this extreme. People whom are naturally predisposed to this body type maintain the same slender build. This is not the case for AJ, take a look at ALL of her movies, she has NEVER been this skinny. There is clearly something wrong.

978 days ago


I said the same thing...she needs and burger AND fries. I also have to add that the whole leg thing was ridiculous!!! Is she so hungry for attention that she has to pose her leg out there like that...we get that her face is beautiful, but this pose purposefully jetting that stick of a leg out and her weight are just showing how insecure she really is. Remember this folks if you think she looked skinny on tv, just imagine how she must look in person. She makes Demi Moore look fat...say what you want about Jennifer Aniston, but she is a much better human being, her body is to die for and has never been an attention whore like this bag of bones. For someone who calculates every PR move she can, she better do herself a favor and hit a drive thru somewhere. I will even foot the bill :)

978 days ago


I'm sorry, but it's laughable that she would stick that skinny bird leg out like that. :)

978 days ago


Apparently, Brad is happy and the kids are happy. Doesn't matter what we think. She is only pleasing her man and family.

978 days ago
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