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Chris Brown

Singing with Rihanna

in Orlando Nightclub

2/28/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown didn't shy away when the DJ blasted a Rihanna song at an Orlando nightclub this weekend -- instead, he proudly sang along with EVERY lyric ... and TMZ has the footage.

It all went down at Club Vain on Sunday night during an NBA All--Star weekend finale party.

Chris was hanging on the main stage ... with everybody looking at him ... when Rihanna's "We Found Love" began to pump through the speakers ... and Chris made sure everyone knew he's a HUGE fan of the song.

It's the latest in what seems like a public reconciliation between the two sides -- earlier this month, the two collaborated on remixes of each other's songs.


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He's going to ruin her career and she'll end up broke

968 days ago


white people...U MAD?

968 days ago


If you look at it closely, TMZ, is the main reason many of us are even giving Chris Brown any attention lately with their constant reporting on what he does while out in public. I'm not and will never be a Chris Brown fan but I have a feeling he is loving all this FREE publicity TMZand other media outlets are giving him. His fans are mostly str8 female and they don't care about his anger as long as he has a penis between his legs that they can dream about.

968 days ago


Rihanna featured a Chris Brown look alike in the music video for her song 'We found love'. Rihanna is so obsessed with Chris Brown I believe she is the one who reached out to him first to ask him to get back together. I won't feel sorry for Rihanna the next time Chrsi Brown physically abuses her because she is addicted to him. I wish they had rehab programs for people who suffer from love addiction like Rihanna.

968 days ago


yeah chris did, wrong but how come hugh heffner son isnt getting as much publicity as chris for beating his chick

968 days ago


Is people angry at him again just because he won a grammy?Because some people let up off him for a while,now people are back to hating him again.Is it because of those as#hole losers CM Punk and Miranda Lambert brought it back up?Charlie Sheen,Mel Gibson,and Floyd did the same as Chris but they did it more than once.

968 days ago

BB not bb    

I saw the video now and I think he was just doing a mocking parody of Rihanna. It wasn't like he was doing a tribute or something. It seemed like maybe he was pretending to be Rihanna. Who knows? He doesn't seem very mentally stable to me. I don't trust him and he doesn't seem to respect her all that much. Maybe he just thinks it is a good song and is jealous of her success.

She has alot of class and charisma. That is something that you can't really fake. Maybe that makes him feel jealous and inadequate. In the end, it is all just silly music and people cutting up to it.

968 days ago


Until he hits another woman again, people should really lay off. It's one thing if he was a repeat offender. But the boy did this ONE time and has/still is paying for it everyday. I also hate how society thinks it's so terrible for a man to hit a woman, but condone violence every where else. When two females get into a fight they get cheered on cause it's no big deal. Same when it's two guys. When a woman hits a man "he must've deserved it", or "he can take it". When a man hits a woman, "he should go to jail", "omg how could you do that". It shouldn't matter what sex you are. Violence is wrong period. And if Chris Brown should be in jail then so should every other person who has ever gotten into a fight and beat up someone.

People feel like his career should be over because of this and thats ridiculous. I don't see people bad mouthing Elvis, Whitney, MJ, and Amy W. even though they all set bad examples and did terrible things. But we looked passed that didn't we? And celebrate them like their lives were perfect.
America get your mind right.

968 days ago

Y are u hating    

Why are you guys mad cuz hes dance ing are you kidding me I bet if he were white you would have brushed it off like nothing CAN I HEAR RACIST PEOPLE ON TZM WEBSITE!

968 days ago


I can't understand what the dj said... Anyone know?

968 days ago


SMH, just like what happened to whitney houston, Yall needa stop lookin at the damn past at what he did instead of punishing him for things now, Most of the people hatin be in worse relationships. But for some reason when the celebs die yall wanna reminence on the good things about him. When he made a comeback folk was going wild. to be honest i really hope rihanna and chris do end up together, stop hatin on rihanna as well

968 days ago


I really hope they can get back together cus they really love each other. PS chris hit her once and he was 19 wen it happened. shes forgiven him, why do we have to judge, only them two know wot really happened. leave the judging to God

968 days ago


Rihanna, thank you for taking the high road, I am sure it was not easy but you have done the right thing. Lack of forgiveness is what is making the world so bitter and that is why we have so much killing today. People come out in interviews to boast of how they sold drugs in the projects to countless of souls and made mothers childless/widows, children fatherless and husband worthless as providers and fane ignorance of their actions and we applaud them and even make them richer, which is fine with me especially when they say that they have changed. Why have we decided not to forgive the likes of Chris and Tiger when we can condone the likes of C.Sheen and Gibson etc, I wonder? Kanye’s career almost got destroyed because of a mineless comment he made. People be wise, lets us learn to protect our own. I have decided to write this epistle because it has become so sickening to see how the world wants to remove the speckle in others eyes while they have lodges in theirs. The only role model we have is Jesus, let’s us look up to him and give others a chance to live. Parents train your children and they will not depart stop using role model as an excuse to continuing exhibiting hate. What goes around comes around.

968 days ago


Chris, I do not know you but would like to encourage you to keep up the positive spirit, no body knows the effort it takes for you to wake up everyday to face the world with a smiling face with all the hate around you and later go back into your closet wishing you can turn back the hands of the clock. Trust me we all have been there. Word of advice, do not respond to every comment, it fuels the hate. Focus on your music and career and if you are asked in any interview again about Rihanna, politely reply that it was an unfortunate event in your early life which you have learnt from and both parties have moved on from it and wish not to discuss it any further. Every other question about it, smile slightly with a serious face and say NO Comment! politely. Do not flare up again OK! and prove to the world that you are a better man now no matter the Hate. Do not let any one pull you down, focus on your career and God and forgive yourself as Rihanna has forgiven you. The self loathing and anger will dissipate when you do this and the angry outburst you will find, will be gone also. Rooting for you and Rihanna.

968 days ago


TMZ congratulation. Keep on encouraging the Hate. What goes around comes around (life is cyclically) and when it is your time to sink, we will all be here to watch also. Leave the boy alone, let him breath, Do not be the judge and the jury, that is why the court was established Ok. We are all fallen beings. He who has not sinned let him cast the first stone. Rihanna has taken the high road to FORGIVE because she knows that hate only destroys the hater not the hated and she has decided to heal by forgiving. Do same TMZ and the rest of you who have continued to live in the 3yrs era instead of 2012. He who has not sinned, let him cast the first stone I repeat. We are all sinner only God (if you all believe in him) is JUST. That is why He sent Jesus to die for us. We all live in the dispensation of Grace. Let us allow Chris share in that grace, let’s not lead him to an earlier grave (with our wicked and tactless comments) like we have done many others before him, then come out to mourn them like Heros (e.g Whitney and Michael Jackson). Please lets all have a soul of forgiveness. The boy is trying to make the best out of an already bad situation, the event cannot be taken back no matter how much we flog the horse, we can only learn and improve from it.

968 days ago
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