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Pregnant & Covering Up

2/29/2012 11:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez


Wearing a loose fitting top for two, newly pregnant Snooki tried to shield herself from the rain underneath her coat as she filmed her new reality show in Jersey City on Wednesday.

As TMZ reported earlier, Snooks originally lied about being with child because she didn't want to jinx anything prior to being three months pregnant. Now that she's passed that threshold, an official announcement is expected at any moment.

With no baby bump spotted yet, the 24-year-old should get ready for an even bigger downpour ... of press.


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WOW! Just saw the Snooki photo everyone is talking about, she is definitely pregnant!

974 days ago


This is definitely one woman who should not have been allowed to breed!

974 days ago


First of all, Jersey Shore is done and over with. This is the last season. So get your facts straight before you make assumptions. Second of all, whether Nicole is pregnant or not, she is still A HUMAN BEING. You don't get to judge her. None of you personally know her, and, well, I'm pretty sure none of you have ever BEEN HER, so you have no right to say anything. All of these comments are so much more than rude - they're disgusting. She is a human being, just like you and I. She doesn't deserve any of this. Hasn't anyone ever told you, "Don't believe everything you hear?" You're going to believe that Nicole really is the way that MTV and Jersey Shore conveyed her as? Get real. IT WAS A TV SHOW! And I'm sure all of you are 100% PERFECT parents, and you've never smoked, or drank, or been to a night club, or done anything to boost your confidence (i.e., TANNING). Nicole is just trying to live her life and have some fun. Get over yourselves.

I hope when you have children, someone questions you about reproducing. Ugh, you people are disgusting.

974 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..for what my opinion is worth..her are my thoughts..Snookie is a kind girl at heart..and her boyfriend is a pretty straight up guy...sometimes in life..the blessing of a child helps give you what you need in life too feel fulfilled...and she wouldn't do anything too harm her unborn..I feel that for sure..and for sure will be a awesome mom...if this is true..good luck too her and a wicked new chapter in her life!!

974 days ago


Wow, I hope she put some money away. Although I did read today she's gonna turn this into a huge money making opportunity a la Kourtney Kardashian.

974 days ago

Dee Madison    

lord help us all...she's breeding.. let's she how that selfish brat handles labor... lots of drugs no doubt..

974 days ago

Billy Bob    

At least this means no more whoring around and stupid tv shows, right?

974 days ago

The Rorin    

She's pregnant???...This is the beginning of the movie "Idiocracy"...but on real life. There goes humanity...

974 days ago


The funny thing is that the reason TMZ is even talking about her is because of all of you people willing to read about her and comment.. Even a bad comment is better then none for them. Who cares if she is pregnant, if she was not on TV no one would know or care.

974 days ago


I think this pretty much ruins the spin off show, cause all they ever did was screw and get drunk. I'll bet J Woww is mad.

974 days ago


miss piggy face

974 days ago

the real diva    

my condolences to the child that will be born to tthis idiot. she should never have kids. jershey shore is a horrible show. and i hope her drinking and partying does not affect the kid. as she will never give it up. she's a airhead.

974 days ago


Lets hope and pray she gives up all the boozn while shes preggo, if i was her man id deny it too. as many times as shes cheated, hey its probably mikes!!

974 days ago

Jay W.     

Snooki... I have to admit, would be fun to spin !

974 days ago


I've always been one to believe that things happen for a purpose. Like, I was never blessed with children, yet stupid media whore yahoos are. I hope this isn't turned into a spin off. If so, I hope child protective services is standing in the wings. You just have to know this poor thing is going to be subjected to all manner of stupidity. Oh, please watch over this poor child...

974 days ago
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