Snooki Banned From Jersey Wine Shop

2/23/2012 10:30 AM PST

Snooki -- Banned From Jersey Wine Shop

In an unwise financial move, the wine shop next to Snooki's new Jersey City home wants nothing to do with the little booze guzzlin' blast in a glass ... and even posted a sign on the door to keep her the hell out.

We're told Jwoww ain't welcome in the store either, so the ladies will have to schlepp their bronzed behinds a little further than next door when they want to binge drink for the cameras of their new reality show.

TMZ spoke to the GM at the wine shop ... who tells us, "Even if Jwoww shows up at our front door she will not be let in."

He adds, "The only thing they are good for is ridicule and amusement. There is no upside business wise, and the potential downside is God knows what. Why feed the embarrassment?”