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Davy Jones' Heart Attack ...

His Final Days

2/29/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Davy Jones
was doing the things he loved in his final days -- we broke the story about the Monkees singer's death ... now we're talking about his final performances, and his last morning on a Florida horse ranch.

Plus, Davy's bandmate Micky Dolenz has an eerie premonition.

Also, Lane Garrison and his Playmate GF Ashley Mattingly join us to talk about their alleged domestic violence incident. Police showed up, but you gotta hear their explanation ... it's like couples' therapy -- or eavesdropping on couples' therapy.

(0:00) Tragic news -- Monkees lead singer Davy Jones died today ... we have all the latest details.
(5:30) Daydream Believer ... a song so happy, it made Harvey dance with his dog walker.
(11:45) Snooki is knocked up after all -- Mike takes serious issue with her lying about it at first.
(18:05) Lane Garrison and his GF call in to clear up what happened during last night's domestic incident.
(19:50) Lane makes it clear -- he didn't lay a hand on Ashley.
(23:00) Harvey and Lane have a heart-to-heart about Lane's 2007 vehicular manslaughter incident.
(27:10) Matt Lauer's morbid line of LiLo questioning.
(34:04) Target's Whitney Houston card -- more offensive to Whitney ... or women in general?
(38:00) Joe Francis' mouth shoots him in the foot.


No Avatar


Ok the whole phone echo thing is iritating. enough. let's move on......

965 days ago


the monkees were a major influence on the beatles

965 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

TMZ your web site is lagging ....

965 days ago


that blonde chick displays her rack more often than my oven does

965 days ago


Give that Target card to Rihanna.

965 days ago

Jay W.     

Thanks for the childhood memories. RIP Davy

965 days ago

donna corbin    

To Davys family friends band and fans we lost something very wonderful today and are world wont be the same without him present my heart breaks for this lost and I will miss him forever

965 days ago


I feel better after I listen to ANY Monkees song...
So sad Davy is gone :(

965 days ago

Andrew Friend    

How did Shaha Mishaal Adham die? Why is this just coming out now when her death was Jan 6th?

965 days ago


Lane Garrison-

Heads up: When a girl is petty and punitive when you/as a couple are going through hard times, take notice. She is using manipulation to show her anxiety about being excluded. By saying "Yes, go to the funeral, I'll just leave", she is ignoring your grief and is seeking to appease her ego/loss of "face" at your expense. Pretty childish.

I've never heard of either of you , but listening to the conversation between you and your girl on TMZ Live was telling. Maybe you are both a bit immature/just really young, but Lane sounds like he has put some thought in to the kind of person he wants to be. Your girlfriend may grow up and become a better mate, but until then, you aren't helping her by accepting less than loving actions that are meant to wound, or her from you. People who truly love put themselves second when it is called for. Life is full of disappointments, how we deal with them is the measure of our character.

964 days ago


I like Mike, but regarding Snooki's pregnancy he doesn't know what he's talking about. It's Snooki's pregnancy, it's her business, she doesn't have to explain it to Mike or anyone until she's ready.

964 days ago


who's that girl walking behind them from 2:16 to 2:19?

964 days ago


HOW DARE YOU!! TMZ!!!! What has ever happend to p-rivacy ,dignity and respect??!!! rather DAVEY was a celebrity or not he deserves better then this!! especially his family members and friends!! wtf is wrong with you people?? pposting up his 911 emegancy call??!!!! the friggen press has gone too far!! for years now celebs has been at dubject to the press and media invading privacies !! just so you selfesh rating hungry idiots that are so freaken hard up to get a story for stupidf ass pouplarity and ratings and to sell a story ,telling the world of daveys passing is one thing but this??!! you gotta be kidding me right???!! he also was a human being he was somebodys, husband,fatnher,uncle, grandfather cosin and best friend what is wrong with you morons?!!! I hope the jones family and the surving monkees and daveys management SUES YOUR PATHETIC ASSES OFF!! maybe you media ambulance chacers will finally get the messehge to learn to back off!! and not cross the line huh?? GOD DOESNT SLEEP AND KARMA WILL GET YOU FOR THIS!! LEARN FREAKEN RESPECT AND BOUNDARIES WILL YA!! DAMN!!!

964 days ago


David, I will miss you. Thanks you for all, thank you for your kindness over all the years. I will never forget having a pint, and talking. You were always a good good man. I will see you on the other side.... Your old friend, Steve

964 days ago


I love TMZ! My two cents: I think Snooki has outlived her celebrity. She contributes nothing to society and is a complete bore! Davy Jones, at least, was part of a band that rocked in the 60's. Never heard anything scandalous about him. Wasn't addicted to drugs/alcohol. Too bad our society finds that boring and Snooki more newsworthy.

964 days ago
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