TMZ Live Davy Jones' Heart Attack ... His Final Days

2/29/2012 11:00 AM PST

TMZ Live -- Davy Jones' Heart Attack ... The Final Days

Davy Jones
was doing the things he loved in his final days -- we broke the story about the Monkees singer's death ... now we're talking about his final performances, and his last morning on a Florida horse ranch.

Plus, Davy's bandmate Micky Dolenz has an eerie premonition.

Also, Lane Garrison and his Playmate GF Ashley Mattingly join us to talk about their alleged domestic violence incident. Police showed up, but you gotta hear their explanation ... it's like couples' therapy -- or eavesdropping on couples' therapy.

(0:00) Tragic news -- Monkees lead singer Davy Jones died today ... we have all the latest details.
(5:30) Daydream Believer ... a song so happy, it made Harvey dance with his dog walker.
(11:45) Snooki is knocked up after all -- Mike takes serious issue with her lying about it at first.
(18:05) Lane Garrison and his GF call in to clear up what happened during last night's domestic incident.
(19:50) Lane makes it clear -- he didn't lay a hand on Ashley.
(23:00) Harvey and Lane have a heart-to-heart about Lane's 2007 vehicular manslaughter incident.
(27:10) Matt Lauer's morbid line of LiLo questioning.
(34:04) Target's Whitney Houston card -- more offensive to Whitney ... or women in general?
(38:00) Joe Francis' mouth shoots him in the foot.