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Conrad Murray

Finally Buries the Hatchet

with Famous Jailmate

3/1/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

El DeBarge was right ... his famous incarcerated brother James DeBarge has finally settled his MJ beef with his fellow inmate Conrad Murray ... and all it took was an honest jail house conversation.

TMZ broke the story ... James -- Janet Jackson's ex-husband -- held a serious grudge with Murray because he blamed the doc for killing his friend Michael Jackson.

But now we've learned ... the two managed to have a confrontation behind bars at the Men's Central Jail facility in L.A. in the past few days ... and "squashed the beef."

TMZ spoke with James' wife ... who says the singer was very impressed with Murray and that James "has made peace with what happened to Michael."

We're told James no longer believes Murray is an "evil" man or a murderer ... instead he told his wife Conrad is a "kind man."

So, we gotta ask ...


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My Big Salami    

TMZ...when somebody "buries a hatchet" in JAIL...It is usually an outcome when ones rectom finds itself in severe discomfort.....Dr. Murray deserves every inch of that hatchet!

967 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Dr. Conrad Murray = HERO

People should be lining up and thanking this man... giving him medals for ridding the world of one of the most dangerous child predators man has ever known. You're not evil for killing a child molester, whether it's intentional or not. You're a hero. Period.

MJ's fan just ignore the fact that he paid some kid and his family 15+ MILLION DOLLARS to keep their mouths shut. They ignore the fact that the sick noseless freak would have kids that were NOT his own sleep over in his bedroom with him.. behind locked doors and video cameras in the hall to alert him if anybody was coming. Any other adult male that had other peoples kids sleeping over with him would be in prison and nobody would care. MJ made Thriller so he got a free pedo pass. I implore any of you pedo defending nutjobs out there to try and invite a neighbor or a strangers kids to sleep over with you and see what happens.

Conrad the Pedo Slayer = HERO

967 days ago


He's just an enabler like most every other person in a celebrity's life, including family. You can't tell me the MJ's family didn't know about his drug and pedo problems, but yet they didn't do anything to stop it. Same goes with Whitney's drug problems and her family. You might as well call them all murderers and evil.

967 days ago


I can't believe some of the awful comments left on here... some people have no respect for the dead. Michael was NOT a pedo, I don't know what happened in ur childhoods to make u think in such a sick n twisted way, but don't be putting ur ignorance or whatever happened to u on MJ. Murray sound his soul to the devil.. and it looks like DeBarge joined him... may they both rot in their jail cells... we all know Debarge was an alcoholic druggie who abused Janet anyways...

967 days ago

The Real JJ    

hes a murdering kind man

967 days ago


Yeah right! Now he is friends with him. You too are both deserving a fatal dose of Propofol and a lot of torture.

967 days ago


Conrad Murray is a dangerous man and a con artist.He cannot admit if he did not supply the "propofol"and bring it into Michael's home,he would not be sitting in jail,whatever Michael did or did not do,DR Conrad Murray gave Michael the death weapon.and the sad part,HE KNEW IT AND TRYED TO HIDE THE FACT.

967 days ago


OMG the poll currently had Murry as the kind guy. Its early cuz once MJ's peeps wake up they will start with all the
Murry is a monster talk lol.

967 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This guy guy was just a nice guy who got sucked into Jackson's celebrity death spiral which we now I think should be able to agree happens to just about every rock star that sits on top of the world for too long... it's just not a recipe for a long life and Jackson was a great musician, a super dancer, a junkie with a lot of money and people willing to give it to him as well. This guy's Jackson's death patsy in an age where everyone demands someone be hung for another celebrity's flucked up personal life of addictions. Wave that cabbage around and people do dumb azzz things and his was agreeing to be Jackson's personal junkie connect when he thought he was being a doctor, he was played by this manipulative 'arrested developed' manchild.

967 days ago

Tony the Giant    

He buried the hatchet in jail, as a security deposit that it will save him when tumble weeds begin to fall. And not only are the tumble weeds beginning to fall. But its raining, and when it rains it pours...
That's right f--!! him wit' no grease. Excuse the language. my bagg.

967 days ago



967 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

As on of the only voices of reason around here, all I gotti say is Dr Murray should have a National Holiday dedicated in his honor. Countless boys, past, present, and future can and should thank St. Murray!!!!!!!

967 days ago




967 days ago

mj fan forever    

The only thing that matter is that every single proof is against murderer, that a jury of 12 people UNANIMOUSLY found murderer GUILTY and that the Judge has severely CONVICTED murderer, who is finally now a RECOGNIZED MURDERER!!! So what this moron thinks or not thinks really is not important at all, that disgusting murderer is finally rotting in jail before he will finally rot in hell as he deserves!!!!

967 days ago
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