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Halle Berry

Fires Longtime Lawyer

Hires Legal Bulldozer

3/1/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0229-halle_berry_steven_kolodny_tmzgetty-EXHalle Berry has dumped another man ... but this one has been with her way longer than all the others -- her longtime lawyer/confidante, Neal Hersh ... TMZ has learned.

Here's the lowdown. Our sources tell us Halle wants to go after her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry with nuclear weapons -- metaphorically speaking -- and she thinks Hersh is too much of a gentleman to wage that kind of legal war, even though he has guided Halle through 2 divorces, a custody war and various other legal skirmishes.

So we've learned Halle has hired Stephen Kolodny (above), who is legendary in L.A. legal circles for the level of legal warfare she so wants. You may recall Kolodny repped Mel Gibson in his epic battle with Oksana Grigorieva -- and that got kinda nasty.

Kolodny has already gone to court with Halle. We've learned last Thursday the new duo went to dependency court to have more restrictions placed on Aubry. The dependency judge has already ordered that Gabriel can only have contact with Nahla in the presence of a monitor. On Thursday, we're told the judge voiced additional concerns and ordered Gabriel to return the child to Halle earlier than the 6 PM deadline on days he has custody.

Kolodny will have his hands full trying to convince the family law judge that Halle should be able to move to France with the child because she's concerned about paparazzi and safety. 

One thing's for sure ... it's gonna get nasty.

Hersh and Kolodny could not be reached for comment.



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Should have hired Ally McBeal.

967 days ago

Just me    

One day this little girl will grow up and see that her mother cut her off from her dad. The next day she will cut off her mom. Kids are not dumb.

967 days ago

My Big Salami    

my favorite kinda of pie is Halle BERRY PIE!..Mmmmmmmm

967 days ago


If this bubble headed man hating chick didn't want a baby daddy around then maybe she should have used an anonymous sperm donor. Women like this make it hard for the rest of us. Halle Berry you are nothing but a man hating control freak who needs professional help I'm betting she is as much of a danger to that beautiful little girl as her father is.

967 days ago


As much as people don't want to believe it, Halle is a psycho.

967 days ago

Fat Mike    

Look out Gabriel! Psycho Mom will be coming up with molestation allegations next. I suspect she'll do anything to stop this girl from seeing her father

967 days ago


I so hate this woman now-gonna get nasty? It already HAS been nasty and she looks the evil conniving fool...

967 days ago

l t    

Um...maybe just me, but that pic looks more like Vic Beckham than Halle...

967 days ago


Karma is a mean bitch'll see...only a matter of time before she shows you.

967 days ago


This new super-lawyer should go a long way toward Halle's goal of alienating Aubrey and his daughter. Funnily enough, I bet Nahla already hates Halle because of it. Be careful what you wish for, Halle.

967 days ago


I will never watch another Halle Berry movie again. I use to be a big fan of hers, but now I feel like she is a spoiled, crazy, lying lunatic that will stop at nothing to get her way. I have to give Gabriel Aunty credit for not giving up on his daughter. I can only imagine how frustrating this must all be for him. Team Gabriel!

967 days ago


This so stinks. Once Halle's relationship failed here she probably wanted to eliminate him. She found a new man, someone "better" in her mind. So, get rid of the bio father and make up stuff and fabricate stuff to make him look unfit. Unfortunately, money talks and she has more than the Gabriel so she can afford shark lawyers to try to make him seem unfit. But the mostly likely reality situation is that Gabriel just wants as much of a relationship with their child. California is supposed to be "equal rights" but it is so not fair in that judges and mediators side with the mother...even if she is wrong. I pray that Gabriel is successful in getting equal rights to his daughter. He's her father after all. Halle Berry is a "momma bear" with a complex and is trying to eliminate Gabriel from her life, at the detriment of their daughter. She will grow up hating her mother if she continues to alienate her from Gabriel. Enought said!

967 days ago


Love My Fans:
Halle Berry, you're a b*tch.

967 days ago


What a pathetic and bitter woman.

967 days ago


What a c*nt. Shes crazy and mean. And her daughter will hold this against her down the line.

967 days ago
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