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Mel Gibson

No More Anger Issues

3/1/2012 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
has done all he needs to do to prove he has conquered his anger issues ... TMZ has learned.

Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, appeared before Judge Stephanie Sautner this AM and showed her honor proof that Mel not only completed the required number of hours of court-ordered anger management therapy -- he exceeded it.

As a result, all Mel has to do now to get off of probation -- for pleading no contest to battery against Oksana Grigorieva -- is keep his nose clean for 2 more years, and then he's officially off informal probation.



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Already 3,590,000 google results for "andrew brietbart murdered"

He brought down ACORN and was to be Obama?

Because he was going to Weiner TRICKLE release one a week to keep it in the media...just like Weinergate...Obama college tapes/photos...One already with the Black Panthers...coincidently Black Panthers case about voter intimidation was dropped???

At CPAC a few days back told audience he had Obama tapes:

Panther phot of Obama:

Tons of people already think he was murdered:


967 days ago


I just love that thanks to Lindsay lohan, I am familiar with every judge's name in California.

967 days ago


...So what-- is he a eunuch now??? I preferred the old Mel----"b#tch I will burn this house down if you don't blow me."... Artofwar

967 days ago


COME ON FLOCKERS! Where are you....NEW THREAD! I think I said on the last one (Whitney funeral) we were due for another positive Mel story.
WHO KEEPS LEAKING MR MEL's PERSONAL STUFF? So odd that all these leaks since OG is long out of the picture....HMMMM WHO COULD IT BE?

967 days ago


Ya can do it Mel. Now if some of the obnoxious reporters wouldn't do all they can do to make the celebs blow up (any of them)

967 days ago


That's awesome! I'm so happy for Mel! Now I hope he can move on(and everyone else) and make some great movies! He deserves to be happy after the grilling he got(which was unnecessary). I also hope he's dating someone awesome now.

967 days ago


Ya, Mel, you go.

967 days ago


Still a rabid Natzi!

967 days ago


We will see how his anger is the next time he gets pulled over by a gay black jewish woman

967 days ago


I don't buy it. People with rage and anger problems have to work on that daily and make working on it a part of their every day lifestyle or their old patterns and behaviors slip back. They have to stay on top of managing their emotions and anger each and every day, every cir***stance.

This is not something that goes away after attending anger management courses, you have to adapt the changes into your DAILY life and walk the talk.

Hope he dug deep down to find out why he cannot seem to respect women and why he feels he has a right to hurt and abuse them and lash out at them as if they are his personal verbal punching bag.

He is in the same category as Chris Brown.

967 days ago


i love Mel! hope he gets his stuff together and keeps it that way! he's made some of the best movies ever!!

967 days ago


realist: about a minute ago
Does it matter?
AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH! It's the flock who was so upset by all the previous leaks - remember back in the day when stuff about MG/OG was surfacing almost daily the flock clucked like mad over WHO was leaking....NOW when it's POSITIVE for MEL...the position is "DOES IT MATTER".......AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!
The flock has claimed Mr Mel is a private man BLAH BLAH BLAH but u sure dont mind when is PR Team or Lawyer leak stuff positive! If he's so "PRIVATE" then "EVERYTHING" should be "KEPT" just that "PRIVATE".
Le Chortle, Le Snort, Le Snicker! TEE-HEE

967 days ago


This story is about Mel Gibson...not Andrew Brietbart. Calm down, dude...exactly how many times have you made this post?

967 days ago



967 days ago


Anger management classes are a joke. People sit around discussing how their bad behavior was caused by the other person. It validates their point of view. If the "bitch" hadn't acted in a certain way I would not have had to beat her up." Sociopaths learn to walk the walk and talk the talk of someone "cured" so they can get out of therapy and tell the judge how much they learned. The guy is a violent bastard; he can't change.

967 days ago
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