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'Jersey Shore' Spin-Off

Baby Stores Put on Snooki Alert

3/2/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget boozy nightclubs and bar fights -- mama Snooki's new "Jersey Shore" spin-off will be all about the guido growing in her uterus ... in fact, one Jersey City baby store has already been contacted by producers about shooting on location.

The owner of Bambi Baby tells TMZ, someone from 495 Productions -- the company behind "Jersey Shore" -- reached out to the baby store within the last few weeks ... right around the time Snooki was adamantly denying she was pregnant.

We're told 495 asked Bambi for permission to shoot some scenes inside the store -- and after some initial hesitation ... the owner agreed.

It's unclear when shooting is scheduled to begin -- but one thing's for sure, the only thing Snooki will be smush-smushing on her new show ... is baby food.


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buy that lifetime tanning membership now snooki and also her first makeup kit.

974 days ago

BB not bb    

Jersey City is a rough place to live, visit, spend time in, whatever. Maybe they should have had these two living down the shore where their boyfriends are. It has to be alot of stresss dealing with that kind of urban environment on top of being pregnant and in a new apartment and filming a show.

Snooki is pretty sensitive and I think she might fall apart or get overwhelmed. Gionni doesn't seem to be supportive because you don't even hear from him on this. Maybe they should just find Jenny and Snooki a condo down the shore where they like to be and know how to fit in. It is too hard to fit in in Jersey City, especially when you are famous for being from the Shore, which is the opposite kind of life.

974 days ago


snooki is so vapid i hope she doesnt do something stupid like drink when shes pregnant

974 days ago

The Real JJ    

Well somebody's watching because their still on TV. I think the last time i saw a music video on MTV it was 3am a month ago. If you like jersey shore give me a logical reason why. Don't say because they act stupid, i can show you place where a bunch a people act stupid.

974 days ago


And we will be hearing about the miscarriage. I HATE FAKE ******* WOMEN. Some of us women we wanna get pregnant and can't, but these idiots think it's funny to act pregnant. IDIOTS.

974 days ago


It still grosses me out that someone found her attractive enough to knock her up

974 days ago


Just amazing how LOW America has sunk watching these A$$holes.

Cheers , that they can act like DOPES and get paid for it.

No wonder why we're doomed as a Nation; we're DUMBING DOWN our youth with this BS!

974 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't watch the underage pregnancy show because that flat out glorifies that condition, being the whole reason for the show. This show is real life about what it is like to live in NJ and deal with trying to have a good time down the shore. It is interesting for people who know about similar situations.

The drama seems real to me even if some of the fights and mishaps might be staged. I think they do get away with alot of fights. NJ is kind of more of a police state. Then again alot happens that no one ever finds out about or cares about.

I think this show is good because it shows the consequences of your actions. This is not a show on how to act like nuns. This is how people live and what happens as a result of their choices. If you have constant sex with your boyfriend, and are drunk and out of it half the time besides, what are the chances you might wind up pregnant? Pretty good, and there it is.

974 days ago


Oh goodie, another talentless annoying skank is going to squeeze out a fatherless brat. Happy days.

974 days ago


20+% will watch? WTF people? That's why the country is screwed up, mindless drones watching all teh crap that is put out on TV.

974 days ago

Joan K    

What the hell happened to REAL TALENT????????????

974 days ago


Im guessing that her baby will look like beef jerky.

974 days ago


Of course people will watch. Everyone loves a good train wreck!

974 days ago


how does anyone even know she's really pregnant? she's had a giant fat gut for years.

974 days ago


So sad all the great couples in the world who are having trouble conceiving that would make wonderful parents and this piece of white trash gets pregnant and will make money off it! Makes me sick to my stomach!

974 days ago
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