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Pregnant Snooki

Gunning for Mother of the Year

3/2/2012 1:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki is in the midst of a MAJOR transformation ... from a sloppy, smooshy drunken idiot ... to a RESPONSIBLE mom-to-be who's taking her pregnancy very seriously ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the MTV star tell us ... ever since Snooki discovered she was with child she quit drinking, quit screwing around ... and has convinced the people around her that she could develop into "mother of the year."

We're told Snooki comes from a loving family ... she's very close with her mom ... and she completely understands what it takes to become a responsible mother.

The timing of Snooki's pregnancy couldn't have worked out better ... 'cause we're told the premise of her upcoming "Jersey Shore" spin-off reality show with Jwoww is "the last hurrah."

Sources connected to the production tell us the show will follow the girls as they transition into adulthood ... move into an adult apartment ... and take some serious adult steps with their boyfriends.

We're told the boyfriends will not have starring roles on the show ... but the relationships will be "key."

As for Snooki, we're told she has no plans to marry her BF ... yet ... even though he's most likely the baby daddy.



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Rogue Warrior    

Poor kid is already in need of mulligans and IT'S not born yet......

974 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Great. These idiots are breeding now. Wonderful.

974 days ago


For the sake of the baby I hope she is sincere. I wish all the best to her and her unborn child. My grandmother always said "It's a bad wind that never changes".

974 days ago


I thought all Oompa-Loompas were sterile. Hmmnn.

974 days ago

Brent Jorgensen    

I still like her better than Rosie O'Donnell.

974 days ago


They're new show is really gonna suck now! Normally it's all about her Drinkin', Suckin' and F@@kin'. Now we'll get to watch disrespect the baby she has in her womb by doing the same thing up until her third trimester. I feel so sorry for this kid already. She's such a illiterate little pig already, and if she has a girl she'll probably start teaching her how to do B.J.'s ; well I don't want to even go there. This kid doesn't have a chance.

974 days ago


Couldn't be the Situation's kid...she swallowed those ones.

974 days ago


did she quit smoking too?

974 days ago


She can go ahead and turn it all around and be the best mother in the world. IT wont change how badly the kid will get picked on growing up. All anyone has to do is google her. Poor kid is going to be the butt of alot of yo mama jokes.

974 days ago


I have never seen Jersey Shore...and dont plan on seeing it,but one cannot miss it in the media.I must say though anyone that can bottled themselves up and sell it in that packaging...choosing orange as the packaging colour(and it is not Hermes)....and the world is buying it..shame on the world not her.

974 days ago


Good one Snooki.

974 days ago


Bunch of boyfriends, and slept with them all? Wouldn't that make her a whore? And now, who knows who the father is of her baby?
America is partially to blame for condoning her actions and allowing a stupid television show portraying her and other out of control young adults carrying in very careless ways. Consequences for ones actions comes into play now. Is she worthy of raising this child? I really have to wonder. Drugs and alchol consumed since the conception of the baby. Does this baby even have a chance if it has Snookie as it's mother? Hopefully childrens services will be watching her very closely.

974 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

"To be young, stupid, and have no future. What a life, I love it"
>>> Dan Akroyd, SNL Sketch for Saturday Night Fever, Circa 1975.

974 days ago

the real diva    

oh yes.. she will call herself mother of the year. meanwhile nannies, and her parents will be raising the kid whle she is out partying.she will pose with the baby for publicity. so TMZ can get pictures.. but then otherwise we will never see her with the baby . as everyone else cares for it. while she parties it up to get her 15 mins of fame.

974 days ago


I think the phrase that cuts through all the self serving bullsh*t is "As for Snooki, we're told she has no plans to marry her BF ... yet ... even though he's most likely the baby daddy". In other words, this stupid drunken slut spread her legs for multiple guys & doesn't even know who knocked her up.

Oh yeah, she's definitely growing up & becoming mature...

974 days ago
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