'Jersey Shore' Star The Situation is NOT Snooki's Baby Daddy

3/2/2012 9:45 AM PST

'Jersey Shore' Star -- Situation Is NOT Snooki's Baby Daddy

The Situation is definitely NOT to blame for the mini-guido baking inside of Snooki's womb ... this according to Sitch's BFF.

"The Unit" -- aka Jonny Manfre -- just called in to “Big Poppa” Gary Spears at KISS-FM in NY ... and said there is absolutely NO baby daddy controversy ... despite the fact Snooki allegedly got all smooshy with Sitch in the past.

"It's not Situation's baby ... I'll tell you that much ... I would assume it's Jionni's baby." Unit is referring to Snook's BF, Jionni Lavalle.

The MTV star adds, "Whatever happened in the past, happened in the past. If these people love each other and they're willing to get past each other's skeletons in the closet ... then great."