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'Basketball Wives' Purse Snatching

Between Wives

Ruins Vacay

3/3/2012 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A "Basketball Wives" vacation to Tahiti ended early for one cast member after an argument between two  girls ended with one refusing to give back the other's purse ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Tami Roman and Kesha Nichols got into it last month about halfway through the trip because Tami felt Kesha was talking behind the other girls' backs. We're told the two had it out over dinner and Kesha stormed out ... leaving her purse behind. 

Our sources say Tami took the purse and held on to it, hoping Kesha would come retrieve it and they could finish their conversation. But when Kesha found out Tami had retreated back to her hotel room with the purse, we're told Kesha got hotel security involved. 

Hotel security wanted to get the local police involved, but our sources say the producers of the show talked Tami into returning the purse to Kesha before the authorities got involved.

We're told once the matter was settled, Kesha decided to hop the next plane back to the States.

Last time the girls went on vacation, it was to Italy ... and Tami punched cast member Meeka Claxton during a nightclub brawl.

Calls to reps for both girls and VH1 were not returned.


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I am seeing a lot of comments about race. That is irrelevant. These women are HORRIBLE because of the way they act. That is what makes them unbearable. Remember the good old days when you had to have talent to be on television. - sigh

908 days ago


Ask yourself this: Exactly HOW MANY of those women on 'Baskeyball WIVES' is actually MARRIED to one?


908 days ago


Wow, didn't see that coming…yawn.

908 days ago

Jay W.     

Societies finest ? ?

908 days ago


LOL... Tami wasnt trying to hold on to the purse to be spiteful lol she juss wanted to talk to the girl! LOL

908 days ago

Not Impressed    

Why the hell am I reading a story involving Tami from The Real World Los Angeles?

908 days ago


I tried to watch this show. These women are the exact opposite of how I behave and how I've brought my daughter up. What an embarrassment for American women. They should brush their teeth after every sentence. They have no etiquette. It proves money doesn't refine or define you.

908 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

Tami is such a bitch and a bully. She makes herself look so damn stupid on the show. I hope someone just punches her in her d*mn face on the show. Maybe that will put her in her place. Im so sick and tired of seeing ghetto *ss black women acting a fool in front of the cameras. She has daugthers and for Gods sake I hope they do not pick up on her bad ways!

907 days ago


I'm so sick of these reality shows where everything is staged for ratings. You know good and well nobody gets in fights everytime they're together......pleeease. It's all for show, but if you want good entertainment they can be fun to watch sometimes.

907 days ago


Tami acts a fool, I noticed that Suzie is acting a fool this season too, Its like they told her she was too boring and start acting like a bitch,the only sane one on the show is Shaunie and shes hardly ever on anymore,I guess she doesnt provide enough drama...The show is so fake now, Im over it.Theres not one lady thats likable anymore

907 days ago

ruth valentine    

Tami is a beauitful person, she is so real,she speak what on her mind, she don't talk about you behind your back, but in your face, not like the other fake bitch! you don't have to be ghetto, to speak whats on your mind,you have people who do not live in the ghetto,and act just like a piece of ****, and every body who live in the ghetto, don't act like they are from the ghetto, I live in the ghetto!.

907 days ago


Uhhh, Tami you are a washed up ghetto reality star....go away ALREADY!!!!

906 days ago


just once, i'd like to see a CLASSY baller's wife. not likely, since the classy one will be out living her own life, instead of shooting her mouth off in a reality show, just to get her 15 minutes.

906 days ago


If I were Kesha I would have went straight to the police, not hotel security, and not given vh1 any room to save Tami's behind.

906 days ago


Tami is a bully, just like Evelyn, they both need to get what they deserve sooner than later. Tami tries to bully anyone except for Shaunie and Evelyn (the trash that slept with Kenny while he was still married to Tami). This is the person she needs to bully, or at least try. Evelyn is the same and is now trying to bully Jennifer. For the life of me I do not get why Evelyn believes she can say what she wants but no one else can. She's so pissed @ Jennifer for comments about Chad but I guess Evelyn forgot how she talked about Jen's ex hubby. Eric warned Jen about that trash Evelyn. These girls are crazy but Kesha do not back down from Tami, she's just a hoodrat to the fullest.

890 days ago
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